another week, another meal plan

I haven’t meal planned in about 2 weeks and as a result I’ve spent way more on food than normal!  So to get back into it, I’m posting my meal plan for this week.

This will feed my family of 2 adults + 2 kids for a week.  Breakfasts are smoothies around here 9 times out of ten so I wont bore you with those details.  I keep a big variety of frozen fruit in the freezer for smoothies and we are still getting fresh oranges from our tree.  Thankfully my little garden has recovered from the frost and is producing double time:

winter gardenLOTS of citrus, greens, and radishes.
pak choi swiss chard kale spinach

Mon: butternut squash soup with cinnamon croutons and fried sage leaves + green salad

Tues: Pistachio-herb quinoa + roasted garlic broccoli + caviar lentils (little black ones that cook very fast)

Wedns: Bibimbap (maybe going to sub tofu for beef in this recipe, or just omit)

Thurs: Citrus-black bean veggie chili

Fri: Green burgers from milking almonds and celine eats avocados (been drooling for a week over these babies)

Sat: leftovers (chili or burgers or both!)

Sun: working!

Along with all the stuff for dinner I will be getting lots of veggies and fruits too.

On my to-cook list is also banana bread, chocolate chip-fresh cranberry cookies, and maybe a raw dessert…cant forget the sweets!  So fun to make with the littles, too.

Also have my eye on this collection of vegan sushi recipes.  Does anyone else have this problem of wanting to make and devour every recipe you see!!!?

Anyways…hope everyone had a great holiday filled with love and good food.

Love, A.

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