what I eat in a day

When they find out I’m vegan, people usually ask “What do you eat?” followed by, “How do you get enough protein?” which is annoying, but I get it.  I had similar questions when I was first dipping my toe into this lifestyle.  Our society (funded by dairy/meat producers) has created an illusion that meat and dairy are essential to being healthy, which makes it hard for people to wrap their heads around vegan meals.  My grandma still thinks you have to eat rice and beans at the same time to create complete proteins, that weird myth from the 70s when vegetarianism suddenly became in vogue, riding on the coattails of the hippie movement.  Literally no one who eats enough calories has had health problems from protein deficiency (I’m probably paraphrasing slightly here but whatever).  I also want to point out that this is the style of eating that makes ME thrive.  It’s very intuitive, I eat what I crave that day.  Different people feel better with varying ratios of fat, protein, carbs, raw vs cooked, etc. but I think everyone can thrive on a vegan diet.  Enough hot air, though.  Let’s get down to the good stuff.

7:30 am: finally get out of bed after an undisclosed number of unsuccessful attempts to brush off my alarm clock/the intense desire to remain in a warm bed (sigh…winter).  I drink a liter of water while I make school lunch for my daughter/make the kids breakfast (oat and chia porridge with blueberries, cinnamon, walnuts, flax, and coconut sugar).  I make a matcha latte with stevia and soymilk + pop a vitamin B12.  I almost never eat breakfast unless I have to leave the house early and will have no options to eat later.  I’ve always been like this- I hate to eat in the morning, it makes me feel sluggish and nauseated.

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Noon: feeling pretty hungry: make a GIANT smoothie.  2 cups of OJ, peel 2 oranges and put them in the blender whole, top with ALOT of frozen mango (4 or 5 cups? i hate measuring because I’m supremely lazy), spoonful of homemade vanilla extract, some coconut water powder i had kicking around.  Add a glass of water and some vanilla stevia>>> blend.  I scooped some passionfruit on top because passionfruit.  Basically a tropical dreamsicle.  This made approximately 64 oz (2 large mason jars) and I drank. it. allllll.  Then my son came inside from playing, saw me with the smoothie, and cried because he wanted it.  OK, kid.  So I made another smaller version for him.

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2:00 pm: another liter of water and some herbal tea (Celestial’s Tension Tamer, if you’re interested)

3:30 pm: home from picking up my daughter and piano lessons, and getting hangry.  I grab some medjool dates and snack on them while I prepare dinner.  I got them from the farmer’s market, they are grown in Coachella and they are to DIE FOR.  Jumbo size (the length of a thumb and twice as fat), SOFT, tender, meltingly sweet with caramel and fudge notes.  They taste like spectacular German Chocolate Cake.  I eat 6 and drink some more water with them.

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5:30ish: sit down to dinner: Mac n Chz with peas and broccoli + our “house” salad- mixed greens, kidney beans, green onions, celery, dried cranberries, tomato, cucumber, ground flax, and a balsamic/maple/dijon dressing (google 3-2-1 dressing for exact measurements).  The “chz” sauce is a new favorite from the Forks over Knives cookbook: its potatoes, carrots, nooch, almond milk, and seasonings blended up.  Weird, right?  But SO good, the blended potatoes create a gluey, cheesy texture and the taste is fantastic.  The pasta I used are quinoa and rice elbows from Costco (gluten free).

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7:00 pm: eat a black bean brownie I made earlier.  They are SO good, fudgey, rich, perfection.  I added some chocolate chips into the batter of  this recipe and added hazelnuts on top.  Vegan, gluten free, low fat, high fiber, high iron, omega 3s…..and they taste out of this world.  Great for kids, lunchboxes, afternoon pick me ups, etc.  Their fiber and protein means they won’t give you a crash after eating them, either.

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8:00 pm: I drink some hot tea (Traditional Medicinal’s Chamomile Lavender) to wind down.

There are also outdated ideas perpetuated by the media that vegans don’t get enough vitamins/minerals like iron, calcium, etc *eye roll* so I logged everything I ate today in Cronometer just to show the nutritional breakdown of my day if you’re interested in the science-y side of things.  Everything is spot on, selenium could be higher but I eat brazil nuts every once in a while to spike that up.  IDK why the B12 is so high?  I think I may have put in the wrong amount or something.


Hope this was helpful in any way.  LOVE U ALL XOXO

2 thoughts on “what I eat in a day”

  1. How do you burn so many calories? Do you have something that counts your steps? I walk around 15K steps and still burn just a little over 2000 calories and am tall and heavy haha, so I should burn more than a regular person.

    1. Hi! I’m 5’11” and find I need quite a few calories to feel energetic on a vegan diet. I just eat as much as I feel like 🙂 and workout a few times a week.

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