package free: everything bagel spice


Everything bagel seasoning: savory confetti bursting with toasty flavors.  It’s perfect on avocado toast, popcorn, sauteed greens, rice, basically just, well, everything.  I’ve been seeing this all around the internet since Trader Joe’s came out with their “Everything but the Bagel” blend.  I thought I’d try my hand at making my own sans packaging.  It turned out really delicious and I was able to get all the ingredients I needed in bulk.  Quick and easy to make!  Try to make sure the ingredients you buy are roughly the same size so you get an equal dispersion with each shake.

everything bagel blend

3 tablespoons dried minced/flaked garlic

3 tablespoons dried minced/flaked onion

3 tablespoons poppy seeds

3 tablespoons white sesame seeds

3 tablespoons black sesame seeds

1-2 tablespoon coarse salt- like Maldon, kosher etc.  do NOT use granulated salt, it will all settle to the bottom. If you use a larger salt like Maldon, use the 2 tablespoons.  Kosher salt, use 1 tablespoon.


Preheat oven to 350.  Spread all ingredients on a baking sheet and bake 3-5 minutes.  Alternatively, place them in a dry saute pan over medium-high heat and toast, stirring constantly, until fragrant, 2-3 minutes.  Take care to watch it closely as it can burn easily and turn bitter.  Allow to cool and store in a sealed container.



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