another week of fall meals


Here’s what we are cooking and eating this week- vegan, gluten free, seasonal, local, and waste free.

MONDAY: chickpeas with olives, chard, and lemon + herby pistachio quinoa.  this recipe (subbing chickpeas for the fish) + this recipe .

TUESDAY: butternut- shiitake ragout (recipe here) + this recipe (sub millet for GF) + a simple green salad.

WEDNESDAY: Yogurt tofu with ginger chutney: this recipe, subbing tofu for the chicken + coco yogurt for the dairy.  Sides: black rice with apricots and almonds (recipe here) + french carrot salad- iconic recipe here .

THURSDAY: soba noodle bowls with sautéed tofu, ginger and garlic sautéed bok choy, sautéed oyster mushrooms, cilantro, green onion, tamari and sesame oil.

FRIDAY: White bean chili with winter veggies +beet, orange, and arugula salad

SATURDAY: baked tofu with coconut kale: recipe here + kabocha squash puree (steam chunks then puree with a splash of coco milk, garlic, and ginger)

Other basics: almond milk, coconut yogurt, hummus.

Have a lovely weekend!  xx

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