package free: veggie broth


Fall and winter here mean lots and lots of soup for our house.  They’re fast, nutritious, + one batch lasts for a few days of lunches and dinner.  Making this many soups, I go through a LOT of veggie broth.  I used to buy broth in those Tetra Paks (ugh) or buy the Better than Bouillon Veggie Broth Paste (suspicious ingredients).  Now I love to make our own broth from scraps by saving peels and odds/ends of veggies in the freezer in a brown paper bag.  Then, when it gets full, I simmer them in a big pot with water, herbs, salt and black pepper.  This method is FREE and uses up every bit of produce we buy.  Tough ends of leeks, outer tough layers of onions, peels or stem ends of carrots, butts of celery, peel of celery root, tough cauliflower stems, herb stems, mushroom stems all work great for stock.  I strain the stock after boiling and I store in glass mason jars* in the freezer.

BUT sometimes I don’t have time to make stock or I don’t have enough scraps yet!  That’s why I keep this awesome VEGAN stock concentrate in the freezer.  Super quick and easy to make, this stock is tasty and convenient.  There’s no weird ingredients or preservatives in it like store bouillon pastes or powders.  Just regular, real food ingredients.

vegetable broth concentrate (recipe from America’s Test Kitchen Complete Vegetarian Cookbook )

1/2 small celery root, peeled + cut into 1/2 inch pieces (3/4c or 3 oz)

2 carrots, peeled and cut into 1/2 inch pieces (2/3c or 3 oz)

2 leeks, white and light green parts only, chopped + washed thoroughly (2.5c or 5 oz)

1/2c fresh parsley leaves and tender stems (1/2 oz)

2 tablespoons kosher salt

3 tablespoons dried minced onion

3 tablespoons tamari or soy sauce

1.5 tablespoons tomato paste

OPTIONAL: dried shiitake or porcini mushroom powder, or a spoon of miso.  This adds another layer of umami to the broth BUT is not necessary- the broth is great without!

Place the celery root, carrot, leek, parsley, onion, and kosher salt in a food processor.  Process until it becomes as fine as possible, stopping to scrape down the sides of the processor as needed. Add tomato paste and process for 1 minute, scraping down the sides of bowl twice.  Add soy sauce and continue to process 1 minute.  Transfer paste to a jar and tap firmly on counter to remove air bubbles.  Freeze up to 6 months.

TO USE:  For 1 cup broth, stir 1 tablespoon of the concentrate into 1 cup boiling water.

*Tips on freezing in glass: Use canning jars (Ball/Mason/Kerr) which are designed to withstand both very hot and very cold temps.  Jars that are straight up and down (wide mouth) are best for freezing in.  Leave about 2 inches of space and don’t put the lid on until its fully frozen.  Make sure the liquid is totally cool before freezing, too.  I’ve never had breakage before!

Hope you guys make and love this stock.  I’ll be posting a delicious soup recipe Friday, so have some stock ready 😉 xx

7 thoughts on “package free: veggie broth

  1. Hi Amanda,
    This sounds amazing! When you say celery root, do you mean just regular celery or celery heart? Thanks in advance!

  2. What sort of consistency shall I be looking for after processing the veggies?.. My food processor probably will only chop quite finely – i understand it shouldn’t become a paste isn’t?.. Thanks is advance!

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