a week of v/gf dinners in december


Here’s what we are planning to eat and cook this week for dinner with seasonal, fresh produce in December.  After Thanksgiving and the heavier foods, sweets, etc I’m ready for some veggie heavy meals and lots of greens!  I’ll be heading back to a green smoothie to start off every day after warm lemon water- both those things really help me cut back on sugar cravings.

The kids always eat porridge for breakfast- either oats or quinoa or a combination- cooked with chia seeds and then topped with hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, any fresh/frozen fruit, a splash of nut milk, and a drizzle of maple syrup.  They really enjoy this and it gives them a super boost of healthy fats and minerals first thing.

For lunch, it’s usually just dinner leftovers reimagined with a few extra components I throw in.  I rarely cook lunch, mostly out of sheer laziness.  I hope these meals inspire you guys to cook this week- even if it’s just one meal, and to sit and share it with loved ones.

MONDAY:  simple red lentil, lemon, spinach soup– (35 minutes but most is hands off) this is a house favorite and takes so little work to make.  Very few ingredients/work but HUGE flavor.  Side of simple quinoa or rice or millet.  Plus an easy carrot and parsley salad to add that raw vibrant component- something like this recipe but omitting the anchovies/feta and adding pomegranates and chopped toasted nuts and or seeds.

TUESDAY:  chunky celery soup + fennel lemon giant beans+ green salad

WEDNESDAY:  root vegetable crumble + bitter greens salad with mustardy vinaigrette

THURSDAY:  Thursdays I don’t get home until 8-9 pm, so I need something quick and not too heavy.  This tofu and kimchi stew fits the bill.  Spicy, warming, lots of plant protein.  I’ll wilt in some spinach with it too to add some greens and a few shiitakes for the flavor, chew and immunity boost!

FRIDAY:  We love to do simple meals on Friday nights so we can have more time to enjoy each other.  Kale slaw + oven sweet potato fries- my kids love fries and pairing it with the creamy slaw feels comforting but is packed with so much nutrition.

SATURDAY:  Dinner: fingerling potatoes with a turmeric sauce on a bed of fresh market greens.

SUNDAY:  The kids have been asking for mac n cheese, so I’m trying out this one which has kale added.  YUM.  +a fresh green salad.

+extras for lunch boxes and school snacks/after school snacks:

vanilla chia pudding

herby avocado hummus

carrot, ginger, turmeric smoothie

berry, beet, lime and chia smoothie

healthy granola bars

+ lots of whatever fresh, local fruit I can find at the market…right now it’s pomegranates, apples, tangerines, kiwis, pears, and persimmons.  I keep these + bananas around always for us to have as a snack.  If I have extra that we don’t eat, I simply freeze them!

Have a wonderful weekend xx


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