talking trash: 3 months

Family Trash jar zero waste landfill

All right, trash voyeurs!  Here’s a peek at all the trash our family of four made this month.  In my first post in this series, I share more about the HOW behind the jar- shopping and lifestyle habits we adopted to reduce our trash drastically.  I checked in for month two to show you what I added, and now it’s already month three!  This is everything that I couldn’t reuse, recycle, repurpose, or rot this month aka all our landfill trash.  I’m toying with the idea of also photographing our total recycling for the month, too: let me know if that would be interesting to you!  Now let’s get down and dirty-  let’s talk about each piece.

trash jar zero waste landfill

plastic wine “foil” + synthetic cork:  I asked J to bring home a cheap wine for cooking and he brought one that had PLASTIC foil AND cork!!!  Ugh…you couldn’t really tell until you opened it.  Learned my lesson there!

supplement seal: my glass bottle of chlorophyll supplement came with a plastic seal all over it (even though it was already sealed in a paper box!)  so I won’t be repurchasing.

various tiny plastic tags:  from thrift store clothing, 2 new dish towels, and a metal tea strainer.

kombucha seals:  my SCOBY isn’t quite ready to brew yet, and for Christmas I wanted to have something a little bubbly to share with the kids.  I bought two health-ade kombucha which come in glass bottles, but both had a black plastic seal around the lid. My SCOBY is almost ready to brew ‘booch, so this should be the last time I have to store buy, and I’ll repurpose the bottles for my own brew.

“sealed for your protection” plastic seal:  I can’t remember where this guy came from 😦 but these types of seals are the bane of my existence, as I’ve mentioned before.

broken hair tie:  one of my daughter’s synthetic hair ties broke after months of use.  I might look into alternatives like clips, cotton hair ties, barrettes etc.

gochujang sticker: the mother-in-law gochujang (Korean fermented chili paste) I bought came in a lovely glass jar with metal lid that I will reuse, but the label on it was purely synthetic. I may try making my own as I have access to both bulk koji and bulk gochujaru (the Korean chili flakes).

price sticker:  from a mug I bought at world market.

produce sticker:  from a rogue kiwi I bought.  Usually I buy these at the farmers market.

3 admission stickers:  from a trip to a local museum.  I saw a ton of them stuck outside the door on a pole, ostensibly from people ripping them off immediately upon leaving- who likes to wear a sticker?  We’re not in kindergarten.  I wish they could use something more sustainable.  I’m planning on emailing them to voice my discontent and support for an alternative.  I still feel the value of supporting art, local business, and exposing my kids to culture outweighs the trash.

That’s all!  Here’s what all the 3 months of landfill trash looks like all together:

Landfill trash zero waste family

Things I could do better:  Inspect items more closely before buying to ensure they’re not plastic…ie the wine and the supplement.  Also, I could have gotten by without buying the two kombuchas.  But, all in all, pretty good although I feel like we still recycle a good bit of cans, glass, and paper.

Also, a goal for next month is to shop for food as needed to reduce compost waste and fridge clutter.  Let me know what you think, what you’re curious about, and what you’re doing to lessen your waste in the new year- I’d love to hear.  If you’re starting from scratch, this post on a zero waste to go kit may be helpful to you ❤️

Love to you all,

xx Amanda


4 thoughts on “talking trash: 3 months

  1. I would love to see how much you recycle! I know it’s not the answer to waste, but I’m curious to see how large a difference there is between the garbage and the recycling volume.

    Loving your posts, especially regarding shopping and food prep. I’m trying to do better in terms of cooking vegetable heavy meals this year, and I find your posts very helpful 🙂

    1. Hi Cassie! Thanks for your comment. I think photographing the recycling would indeed paint a better picture of overall use. Our main offenders are cans (from coconut milk mainly), wine/beer bottles (although I list some of these on free cycle for people who want them for home brewing purposes), and specifically La Croix sparkling water cans- so delicious but not the best waste free habit!! My goal for 2018 is to recycle less and part of keeping me on track will be showing it to the world! Lol. So yes, I’ll save my recycling and photograph it to include in next months trash update. Thanks for reading! All my love xx

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