what i ate today: vegan, gluten free

california banan leaves

It’s been non-stop rain here in California for the last 3 days.  Finally today the rain stopped and the sun peeked through a bit.  But, my garden loved it and its pretty much the first rain of the season here- so we definitely needed it.  So, here’s a what I eat in a day post for rainy weather.

I eat vegan, mostly gluten free, and try to focus on getting lots of greens in.  Upping my greens intake helps so much to manage my rheumatoid arthritis (currently writing a blog post about how I put myself into remission with diet) and boost my overall energy levels.  I also eat seasonally, meaning the majority of my food is sourced locally from my farmers market.  I focus more on getting the freshest, seasonal local food than ensuring everything is organic.  I do end up buying organic for most of my food, but to me buying organic certified lettuce from Mexico is not as good as buying non organic lettuce from the farmers market that was just picked this morning and grown close to me.  Eating this way also happens to be more sustainable.

I don’t count calories or restrict anything I eat.  I eat as much as I desire (which is often a lot).  Eating this way is so freeing.  I do yoga a few times a week or all 7 days if I’m feeling it.  I go in waves with dedication to working out- but spend no more than 30 minutes a day usually.  But I always walk, bike, and make sure to get a few days at least of yoga in.  Meaning; I don’t have to exert much effort at all to maintain a healthy body weight and physical strength.  Not sharing this to be like “look how great I am” but just because I love how free and light eating like this has made me and I wish everyone to experience it.  I do yoga with Ali Kamenova and I HIGHLY reccomend her YouTube classes and/or the membership on her blog.


Check out the “what I eat” tab in the menu for more of these style posts.  Next up I will do one for what my vegan husband eats in a day too.  Now, lets get into the day:

7:00 am: I always start y day the same way pretty much: wake up and oil pull, brush my teeth, and make the bed.  Next I go out to the kitchen and make myself a cup of warm water with citrus, which boosts liver function and hydrates you after a long sleep.  With my lime water I had a big spoon of blackstrap molasses.  Blackstrap molasses is a great source of plant based iron and calcium.  I got anemia pretty bad with my first pregnancy and this + nettle tea got me out of it.  Citrus boosts the absorption of iron, so this is why I take them together.  Lemon water, or orange wedges are also great.  I also took my B12 and D supplement.

plant Based iron blackstrap molasses lime water

9:45 am:  Started to feel hungry, so I made porridge (this recipe) with frozen cranberries thrown in, apple, golden raisins, and a little maple syrup.  Since theres so many seeds, this has tons of omegas, minerals and vitamins.  Also some bulk pu erh tea on the side (I re steep the same tea about 4 times throughout the day).

chia hemp cranberry porridge apple vegan omega

1:15 pm:  Lunch!  I sautéed one whole bunch of kale (hot, dry pan to char a bit, then drizzle in a tiny bit of olive oil and a splash of water.  Cover and let steam a few minutes.  Uncover, and cook until liquid is gone and kale is softened.  Add in a few splashes of liquid aminos and crushed garlic.  Cook, tossing, for 1-2 more minutes).  While this was going, I heated up some leftover winter minestrone (white beans, fennel, leek, onion, canned tomatoes, fennel seeds, cabbage, potatoes).  Added the minestrone to a bowl, heaped the kale on top, and added half an avocado.  This was such a cozy lunch for a rainy day, and super filling.

Minestrone sautéed kale Tuscan tamari

3:30 pm:  Vin and i had made some rawnola earlier (equal parts medal dates, raw rolled oats, and coconut shreds) with almond extract and gingerbread spices.  I had a couple of these rolled into balls as a snack.  Also, a carrot because I was craving some crunch.  Don’t laugh.  I literally crave carrots and celery instead of chips now since we stopped buying chips and crackers a long time ago due to packaging.  Plus carrots, in season and fresh from the market, are seriously irresistible this time of year.  I made some bulk mint tea too.

rawnola almond extract oats dates coconut ginger

4:45:  I was making dinner and felt like something fresh, so I made a green smoothie.  (1.5 cups of almond milk, tablespoon almond butter, big chunk fresh ginger, lots of spinach and a few kale leaves, 2 frozen bananas, and lots of cinnamon).  This pic is from the next morning when I made the same smoothie again as the lighting was better, haha.

kale spinach banana almond ginger green smoothie

6:15 pm:  Sat down to dinner, which was roasted butternut risotto (find the recipe in this post, scroll down to friday) + simple sautéed spinach (saute shallot first, then add in sliced garlic, the spinach, salt, cover to wilt, uncover, toss until spinach is wilted completely, then sprinkle over toasted sesame seeds).

vegan butternut risotto

I managed to get in plenty of greens and a variety of veggies throughout the day.  Usually I might have popcorn or chocolate or dates after dinner but today I still felt really full.  If you’re worried about not getting enough nutrients on a plant based diet, you shouldn’t.  We take a B12 supplement from our local co-op all year round, and vitamin D in the winter (not just for vegans, SO important for anyone who doesn’t get sun in winter).  Just by eating a variety of whole, plant based foods everyday and ensuring I eat flax, chia, and hemp + greens, I get all the nutrients I need in a sustainable, kind way.  Hope this helps and please feel free to ask any questions below.

All my love,

xx Amanda

2 thoughts on “what i ate today: vegan, gluten free

  1. This is so amazing!! Would you say this would help me with losing fat? I decided to stop counting calories a month ago and, you’re right, it’s truly freeing. I just don’t know if I will lean out as you have. Is there any strategy besides vegan, gf that you did and would recommend? 🙂

    I love that I found your page!

    1. Hi Steph!!
      Thank you and welcome!! I’d say eating this way has absolutely leaned me out naturally over time. I’d reccomend trying out Ali Kamenovas classes, especially her HIIT classes as they will whip you into shape in no time and really support lean muscle. Up your greens and seeds too (Loni Janes Burcha is so great for breakfast- recipe on her blog). Hope this helps. So glad you’re free from the calorie counting trap too. Lots of love xx Amanda

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