what my vegan husband ate today

vegan tofu sandwich

I’m so excited to share this post with you guys today.  I get SO many questions regarding whether my husband is vegan, what he eats + how he gets enough protein, stays full and thrives without animal products.

ALSO I received a few lovely messages about how I’m emasculating him by forcing him to do this???  LOL so let’s just be clear:  I didn’t stomp my foot petulantly and demand he become vegan.  I went vegan for health reasons, and over time it became an ethics and sustainability issue for me too.  My husband had no problem eating plant based at home BUT when we went out he would get meat/cheese stuff.  At first I complained and nagged about this because honestly it was kind of offensive to me.  But then I got over myself and stopped harassing him and after a while he decided on his own he wanted to go totally vegan.

He said Dr. Greger’s science based YouTube videos were super convincing for him, along with Gary Yourofsky’s The Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear.  (What the Health, Cowspiracy, and Earthlings are great documentaries too)  Also, can I just say: a man is a man regardless of dietary choices or anything else really.  Let’s stop putting down any gender for not fitting neatly into a category we have in our heads of how an what they “should” be, act, wear, do.

On his day off yesterday I documented everything he ate, much to his amusement.  (for other “what I eat in a day” style posts for me + the kids, click here)  I also inputted everything into Cronometer, a free nutritional tracking app, for the purposes of this post, so I could show you exactly what vegan food provides.  We don’t normally ever do this, but it’s a good tool when you’re initially going vegan to make sure you’re eating enough, or when you’re breastfeeding, pregnant etc.  He ate a little over 3,000 calories and hit all the nutrients with ease.  At the very bottom of the post you can find the screenshots of all the nitty gritty of the nutrients.  Let’s get into it!

7:30 am:  First, in the mornings he enjoys coffee and drinks it while he’s checking emails.  I buy the beans in bulk, grind them at home, and brew in a vietnamese pour over (tiny, stainless steel and simple).  I either compost the grounds or spread around my plants (great fertilizer and deters pests).  He also takes B12 just like all of us (we take a brand from our co-op) and Vitamin D in winter.


8 am:  For breakfast, Joel usually eats a big bowl of porridge with oats, chia seeds, hemp seeds etc- find the recipe here.  Today he had it with cocoa powder, hazelnuts and some orange wedges.

orange slices chia hazelnut cocoa

11 am:  Before we left the house to teach gardening at my daughter’s school, he had a big bowl of chickpea and farro stew that was leftover from the day before.  No recipe- I didn’t have much in the house so i sautéed up fennel, shallot, garlic, and celery then added italian herbs, canned crushed tomatoes, leftover farro and chickpeas plus parsley, kale, and chard.  Quick, easy and filling- lots of protein and greens.  He had half a large avocado with it too and topped with my vegan parm.

chickpea farro soup kale

1 pm: after we taught the class, we went straight to run errands and grocery shop at the co-op.  He got a sandwich there with smoked tofu, vegan mayo, veggies, sprouts, and avocado.

vegan tofu sandwich

4:00 PM:  snack of granny smith apple, walnuts, and a beer lol.  Im trying to get him to drink growlers of beer but we get a lot of free cans/bottles as samples from his work from liquor reps (restaurant).

Apple walnut snack vegan


5:45 pm: we had pad thai for dinner with lots of veggies, brown rice noodles, and tofu.  Normally we don’t have tofu twice in a day but that’s just what happened to be this day.  Will post the sauce recipe Friday.

vegan pad Thai dinner

8 pm: he snacked on a raw brownie I had made with dates, cocoa powder, walnuts and almond butter while we were watching Murder She Wrote (lol).  Didn’t get a pic of this one, sorry.

That’s it!  In between he drank plenty of water, too, and did a quick at home kettle bell work out circuit + his daily push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats.  He also does brazilian jiu jitsu, just not on this particular day.

Here’s the Cronometer break down if you’re curious (disregard the “weight goal” and calories burned” etc I’m not sure what thats about.)  Hope this helps some of you who were asking about this subject.  Everyone seems to enjoy the what I eat posts so I’m going to keep them coming.

Lots of love,

xx Amanda




6 thoughts on “what my vegan husband ate today

    1. Hi! The recipe comes from the How Not to Die Cookbook. Dr Joel Fuhrman I believe has a similar recipe available online. It’s simply dates, almond butter, cocoa powder, and pecans blended in the food processor, pushed into a pan, and then placed in the fridge or freezer to firm up. Enjoy xx

  1. Rip Esselstyn from Engine 2 diet has some great things to say about being a man and eating healthy. He was a firefighter and realized that heart disease is the number 1 killer of firemen on the job. So he has devoted lots of time to teaching whole food plant based nutrition. He likes to say “real men eat plants” 🙂

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