what I ate today: v/gf

Hi friends!  Here’s another example of a day’s worth of intuitive eating for me, gluten free, vegan, unprocessed whole foods, and mostly local/seasonal.  Keep in mind that what I eat varies from day to day, season to season, and what’s right for me may not be right for you.  With these “what I ate” style posts, I simply hope to share what works for me and inspire you to eat more simply, more in tune with your body.  Intuitive eating has been such a revelation for me, learning to tune in to my own body and trusting it, instead of tuning outwards to trends, “influencers”, books, etc.  I’ve been practicing it maybe a year or two now and the effects have been profound, and goes hand in hand with self love.

ready?  Heres what I ate and did today on a full day off.  To see more examples of what I, my husband, and kids eat, click here.

7 am: wake up and drink water.  

I always drink a quart jar worth of water in the morning, warm.  I find that cold water feels jarring to my body/my digestion and I almost never drink it.  I fill it halfway with cool water and halfway with hot water from my kettle.  Often I’ll add ginger slices or lemon/lime, but today I just felt like pure water.  Then I made my daughter’s lunch for school while my husband made them breakfast.

Water zero waste

8 am: meditation + gua sha

Carmela left for school and I sat and meditated with my husband for maybe 10 minutes while Vin played LEGOS.  After, I put on this golden elixir oil from CocoKind and did a lymphatic drainage practice called gua shaan ancient Chinese massage technique where you “scrape” smooth jade or rose quartz blades over the skin, releasing the fascia and facilitating drainage.  My face can get really puffy and this helps so much.  It brings so much circulation to the skin and adds that glowiness.  Plus, in my experience, it helps any breakouts that may be coming up to go away fast.  This one is similar to a set I have.

Gua sha

8:15 am:  herbal infusion

I started drinking my herbal infusion from the night before: nettles, ashwagandha, and spearmint steeped overnight in hot water.  Strained and diluted the next day, I drink it throughout the morning for minerals and plant medicine.  I switch the herbs up depending on what I’m feeling that I need.

9:30 am:  more infusion + a mango

I drank the rest of my herbal infusion and ate some mango Joel cut for me while I was getting some work done on the computer.  I usually don’t eat breakfast till later than many people, it makes me feel nauseated to eat early, since I was a child!

Nettle infusion spearmint ashwagandha

11 am: workout + smoothie bowl

I did this quick but effective workout and then made a fast smoothie bowl.  I’ve been craving a smoothie bowl and then my mom gifted me some of her stash of frozen garden razzies which are HEAVEN.  Serious candy.  I blended 4 frozen bananas, frozen razzies, vanilla extract, and a splash of homemade coconut milk together until smooth and creamy.  I topped with hemp seeds, more razzies and rawnola I had in the fridge (I used dates, coconut, almond meal and walnuts this time).  This was super filling which was perfect after my strong workout and tiny breakfast.

Smoothie bowl raspberry rawnola banana

2-3 pm: kombucha + strawberries

We ran some errands, picked up a few groceries and then headed to the park by our Wednesday night farmers market.  At my coop I picked up a watermelon basil kombucha (local and on draft) in my mason jar.  I drank that while Joel and I talked and the kids played.

kombucha watermelon zero waste

Then I walked over to the market and found some beautiful spring goodies, including strawberries.  We ate the whole basket.

Farmers market zero waste California

I picked up also a super dark lettuce, sugar snap peas, Cara Cara oranges, baby potatoes, and cilantro- all local, all organic.  I chatted with my farmer friends, who all told me they are desperately hoping for rain soon.  We’ve been so dry here in California this year.  Then we headed to the library to pick up books and a few movies (we canceled our Netflix last summer and it has been THE BEST).

4 pm: sugar snap peas

On the way back home from the library, I drank a quart of water and snacked on some of the sugar snap peas.

Sugar snap peas zero waste

5 pm: rainbow dinner

Joel made himself + the kids a pad thai style dish.  I was craving more veggies and no grains, so I steamed the potatoes I got from the market, a whole zucchini (preserves nutrients) until almost soft, then added in a handful of mushrooms, steamed another minute, and added in tofu and broccoli for the last few minutes).  I cut up half of the zuch and tossed it in the blender with 1 raw carrot, a scoop of white miso, spoon of nutritional yeast, a few cherry tomatoes, clove of garlic, juice from a meyer lemon, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  No recipe, I just made it up as I went and it was delicious.  In my giant bowl, I added the steamed veggies/tofu, avocado, the chopped up head of farmers market lettuce, some sugar snap peas, some tomatoes, pickled onions, and sauerkraut.  Then drizzled the dressing over.  It was so good, all the textures, flavors, colors…plants are medicine.

whole food vegan dinner bowl grain free

7:30 bedtime tonic

Most nights I have a grounding tonic to get ready for bed.  Tonight I did a bit of coconut butter blended with water, Vitamineral Earth, cocoa powder, vanilla, and a gooey medjool date.  So good and so warming.

vegan night tonic

Thanks so much for reading!  Lots of love and I hope you enjoyed xx

12 thoughts on “what I ate today: v/gf”

  1. Love it! I drink warm water too – and eat breakfast around 11. I just can’t get a big meal down early in the day. I always enjoy learning what like-minded people are eating/drinking! Lots of new stuff in here too that is fun to explore. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you have any tips for someone who wants to eat healthier but loves carbs? I read this and knowing myself I know I would be so hungry and probably cave somewhere around noon for something carb heavy and filling. Any advice?

    1. Hi! I love carbs too! I ate mostly carbs this day in fact! 4 large bananas and 4-5 dates in the smoothie bowl plus the nuts make for a huge meal full of carbs. Also for dinner I had tons of carbs in the form of potatoes and chickpeas (probably about 2-3 cups worth) the bowl pictured is a giant salad bowl. It’s hard to tell from the photos but there’s a lot more potatoes underneath, it’s deep. Do you mean like pasta and breads? I eat gf versions of those but I try to focus on whole unprocessed plant carbs like potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, buckwheat, squashes, and fruits. It makes for cleaner burning energy and has many more nutrients and more filling/satisfying than say, rice noodles or bread or crackers. I find those more processed foods personally make me crave junk and snacks. Try something like a big minestrone soup with kale wilted in, chickpea “tuna” salad collard wrap with salad, stuffed sweet potato or a Buddha bowl with quinoa for lunch if you prefer a more dense option. Focus on veggies being the biggest portion and using things like grains, avo and nuts/seeds to round things out for the most nutrients and a better range of minerals. For example, if you have pad Thai, add in mostly veggies with noodles as an accent rather than the other way around. Carbs are fantastic and there’s so many ways to eat healthy! I change things up quite a bit day to day. Hope that helps a bit!

  3. Thank you so much for your endless supply of new ideas! I love your blog so much. I was wondering…what kind of coconut butter do you use and where do you get the Vitamineral Earth? Do you also use Vitamineral Greens? One more question…I looked at this workout and I think it would be too much for my joints at this early stage of healing. Do you have any recommendations for less impactful exercise? Thank you so much and much love! xxx

    1. Hi! Thank you!! I make my own coconut butter (minimalist baker has a good tutorial) or I buy artisana brand. I use vitamineral green intermittently; I used it a lot while healing though. The earth I buy at my local co-op. If you look on Ali’s YouTube she has a whole playlist of beginner classes, gentle classes and “no impact” classes. Hope that helps xx

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