saturday haul + what i’m cooking this week

market haul

The past few months I’ve let go of meal planning in favor of buying whatever looks good to me and crafting meals from there.

The main problems I run into with meal planning is that I like to eat what I feel like that day and sometimes I don’t feel like eating what I’ve planned.  I resent not having room for flexibility, in my meals and in my life in general, so I dropped meal planning and it has felt so good to me.  But, this week I know things are going to be busy, so I did plan out a few dinners, but also bought some extra ingredients as wildcards to use how I like.

What are you cooking this week in spring?  I’d love to know.  Let’s share!

market cart spring

What I bought this week:

at the farmers market:

strawberries- for spinach salad and topping oatmeal and chia pudding

tangelos- best snack ever

pink lady apples- snacks with nut butter and cinnamon

brown rice- risotto, lunch bowls, breakfast porridge instead of oats, or rice pudding with cashew milk and cinnamon sticks and golden raisins and vanilla.

sourdough baguette- croutons for the kale caesar

avocados- self explanatory

leeks- leeks vinaigrette

spring onions- for roasting and for the quinoa salad

fennel- for the quinoa salad, and snacking

garlic and shallot and red onion

potatoes- to roast

asparagus- may make a chickpea fritatta with these of just roast with the spring onions.

baby artichokes- for risotto

peas- for risotto

kale- kale caesar.

carrots- soup and snacks with hummus or vinaigrette to dip.

radishes- for pickling.  Simply slice radishes thinly and pour over hot apple cider vinegar (dilute with water half and half if you don’t like it as sharp) and a bit of salt.  Let sit till cool and refrigerate.

red cabbage- I love making a slaw with this, braising it with apples and balsamic, or on sammies.

at the co-op:

red quinoa- for the quinoa salad, and topping the carrot soup.

almond butter- for lunches and snacks with dates and apples.

peanut butter- for the peanut sauce and lunches.

ginger- for the peanut sauce, the soup, and to steep as fresh tea with lemon slices.

stevia sweetened chocolate- a treat for lunches and sweet tooth.

gluten free pasta- for the noodle bowls.

mung beans- for the salad.

french lentils- for topping the leeks vinaigrette and for lunches.

cashews- for chia pudding.

cinnamon- for oats and to sprinkle on apples with almond butter.

tofu- for the tofu feta and to make with tamari and sesame oil for lunch sammies/bowls.

grocery cart

what I’m cooking with it all: (will update with pics throughout the week once I’ve cooked it)

peanut noodle bowls:  peanut sauce on gf brown rice noodles with blanched kale, pickled radish, shredded red cabbage tossed with tamari and lime, julienned carrots, sesame seeds and avocado.  Carrot soup on the side.

Peanut noodle bowl vegan kale radish sesame cucumber

grapefruit, quinoa, mint salad: with segments of pomelo instead of strawberries, red quinoa, thinly sliced fennel, and this tofu feta.  On the side:  leeks vinaigrette (I steam them instead of boiling to keep more flavor), and will add some french lentils on top too.

spring Quinoa fennel salad

Leeks vinaigrette vegan

kale caesar with creamy cashew dressing: roasted chickpeas and croutons from the baguette (slice or tear into pieces, toss with a little olive oil and salt, bake at 400 till crispy).  I added extra lemon juice and chopped capers to the dressing and topped with my vegan parm on top and it was perfect.

kale romaine vegan caesar gluten free chickpea

leftover carrot soup, loaded with veggies, quinoa and seeds a la this recipe.  this strawberry spinach salad with tofu feta on the side.

mung bean salad with caramelized carrots + steamed and smashed/roasted potatoes (steam small potatoes till fork tender, place on baking sheet, smash lightly to flatten out with the bottom of a glass, brush with oil and salt, herbs, roast at 400 till crisp on edges).

mung Bean carrot salad vegan feta ottolenghi

brown rice risotto: I cook it quite similar to this recipe, omit the cheese and sub with vegan cheese or a little cashew cream/ricotta, also add baby artichokes, spinach, sub onions for leeks.  This takes a long time of standing and stirring so be forewarned.  So good though- meditate, listen to a podcast, or enjoy a glass of wine and put on some good music while stirring.

risotto artichoke springtime

vanilla chia pudding: creamy and decadent, loaded with good stuff.  I was out of vanilla so I did nutmeg instead and it was fab, kind of like eggnog.  Another go to combo is orange zest and cardamom.

Chia pudding cashews dates nutmeg cinnamon vegan

big pot of chickpeas: to make hummus, and to add in lunches and meals and roasting for the kale caesar.

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