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Vin vegan kid

Hi friends!  I can’ believe it’s already Wednesday.  This week is flying by!  The weather has been so warm this week and I hope where you are spring has finally sprung.  I’ve been enjoying the sun, swimming, line drying my laundry outside (is there a better smell??) and all the flowers and green everywhere around town.

To follow up on my last post about my philosophy of feeding my kids, this post is a lot of meal ideas for small children (or adults!) I keep trying to get it together and document a full day of eating for Vin or Carmela (see old ones HERE and HERE), but inevitably I forget to photograph pieces of the day, or remember only after they’re almost done with the food.  So I thought I’d put all the photos of what I did remember to document in one big post, as a sort of meal inspiration for plant based meals for kids.

I got a question on Instagram about how I handle eating around other kids or events where there is food we typically don’t eat, like pizza, meat, dairy etc.  I simply bring our own food.  I respectfully talk to the host beforehand and ask what will be served and to confirm it’s ok with them to bring our own version.  Then, I make or buy a similar but healthier option to what will be there.  Of course, if there’s vegan options there I don’t bring our own food.  But this has worked out really well and is pretty unobtrusive.  I always bring enough to share for other curious kids and adults, and because I feel sharing food is an important ritual I don’t want my kids to miss out on.

Anyways, here’s some delicious food:

Kiwi orange

afternoon pool snack: kiwis (skin on!) tangerines and hemp seeds.


burcha with a bit of raspberry jam, this was a to go snack for the park.

polenta Beans

quick dinner: polenta, garlic sage cannelini beans, asparagus, artichokes.

Miso noodle soup

miso noodle soup lunch: Wakame seaweed, black rice noodles. carrots, cilantro, collards, tofu, miso kombu broth.  His favorite- he loves to slurp the noodles haha

Date peanut butter

he came outside and was so proud he made this by himself for a snack: “take a picture mom”.  A date with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Turmeric stained little hands from helping me make golden milk.

Noodles gluten-free

More noodles lol- do you see a theme?  Anytime I ask him what he wants for lunch, most of the time it’s noodles.  Fine with me, kid.  I then ask him to pick out some veggies from the fridge to go with.  This day he chose broccoli (an all time fave) carrots and tofu.  I sautéed in some sesame oil.  Pumpkin seeds and tamari to finish.

Snacks zero waste

Snacks on the go: dates and PB again, dried persimmon made by a friend, strawbs, tangerine, cucumber, carrots, apple.  Not pictured is a little jar of hummus for the veggies.  I always bring snacks when we go out to avoid the hangries.  Container from Eco Lunch Box (its like 6 years old and going strong!).


Sometimes I let him watch Super Why while I get a quick workout in.  He likes to snack while doing so.  Pistachios and tangerines.

Vegan kids

peanut noodles and a sweet little smile.  What did I say about noodles?!?

Kids vegan food

more miso noodle soup haha.  It’s a lunch tradition.  This time with chickpeas, carrots, spinach, sesame seeds, avocado and black rice noodles.

zero waste kids

more to go snacks: banana sweetened oat cookies (I make a batch and keep in the freezer for lunches/snacks), avocado with black sesame, tangerines and carrots.

Tofu Banh mi

tofu banh mi with pickled radish, avo and cilantro.

rawnola snack

chocolate rawnola balls + tangerines.  Lego guy unintentional but awesome.

smoothie green

afternoon snack of green smoothie with kale, almond butter, mango, ginger, water and some hemp seeds.  I made this for myself and then he wanted one too.

glory bowl vegan

glory bowl dinner with chickpeas and chive flowers.  He had to get mint from the garden for his bowl- his latest obsession is to add it to everything.

fruit bowl

fruit bowl for Carmela after school: mango, kiwi, strawberries

Well, that’s all!  Let me know if you prefer one big post of meals like this one or a more structured post of exactly what he eats in a day like the previous ones.  I hope you’re having a wonderful week!  Lots of love xx

11 thoughts on “what vin eats”

  1. This is so so helpful!! Would love to see more daily snacks/meals! I have been getting so much advice on my 11month year old that just likes BF and homemade smoothies/ purees still. Love how much you share your life and all your tips! Thank you for being such a pioneer in this health industry and sharing your life! Xx

  2. SO I always peel my kiwi before eating it, I didn’t know you could eat the skin! Does it have much of a taste? Peeling is such a hassle, I would love not to 🙂

    1. Hi! Nope it really has no taste at all in my opinion! Like a apple peel or something! Try it. I hate peeling kiwi too, and the skin is super nutritious. If you’re us super fuzzy you can rub it a little with a kitchen towel first! xx

  3. I love this Amanda! Thank you for sharing. Your food is simple and beautiful. It brings me joy to see your little ones eat REAL food! My littles would enjoy all of your tasty meals…except the artichokes. I’ll keep working on it! 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Makes me happy too. There’s a special joy in making healthy meals for others. Keep working on the artichokes! My son dislikes mushrooms but I’m working on it too haha xx

  4. This was so fun! I do love seeing just a full day’s meals though to get a real sense of what’s eaten over the course of a day but I enjoyed this as well, especially for all the snacks! Also didn’t know you could eat kiwi skins, will have to give that a try.

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