market haul + cooking plans this week

Market haul zero waste

Hi friends!  Another weekend, another market day.  We love the farmers market (it’s twice a week here!) and the ritual of getting up, sleepy eyed, biking or driving over, and swooning over all the goodies.  It’s like a treasure hunt.  The kids bring their money and buy a pretzel or another goodie from the bread guy, I buy ALL the veggies, and Joel zips around behind me with the cart, handing me bags and cash and basically just being the best assistant.  I have anxiety in crowded public spaces- the farmers market is just that, especially if we get there a little later- so I’m really grateful for him being there to help me and make things go smoothly and remind me to breathe.

strawberry picking

We have our routine down pat and I know just what to buy to get us through the week (or half week) even without a plan.  Lots of fruit, veggies that can go raw into lunch boxes, greens always, starchy veggies and soup veggies.  Plus whatever looks good to me or interesting.  Although it’s easier sometimes cooking with a plan, honestly I hate being tied down to one.  That’s why sometimes you’ll see me say, “I’m going to cook A this week!” and then I cook Z.  What I outline is more of a rough idea/ inspiration list.  You can see my ideas/cooking from last week HERE.

Vegan food haul zero waste

Tonight, we are making bowls.  Rice, broccoli and portabello mushroom sautéed with garlic, shredded pickled ginger, tamari baked tofu (I just bake tofu plain in the oven at 375 and then drizzle tamari, sesame oil, sesame seeds, crushed garlic over).  I’ll cook those Tokyo turnips with their greens for a simple side (recipe HERE).  Update: here is the result.  I added radish to the turnips too!  And did THIS dressing by oh dear Drea for the sauce.  So good!

Rice bowls turnip radish tofu carrot ginger

Then, this what I’m thinking:  make a BIG pot of black beans for the week.  For more info on cooking dried beans, check out THIS post.  My epazote plant just put out so much new growth for spring, and it’s my favorite thing to add to black beans.  So I’ll flavor with that, garlic, chile, and bay leaf.  Some salt of course too.

Then, with the beans,  I’ll make a few different meals:

-Burrito bowls or nachos if I manage to coordinate package free chips.  +guac, maybe simple pico de gallo with tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, lime and salt + chipotle crema or simply coconut yogurt whisked with garlic, salt, lime, and water to thin a bit.  Broiled spring onions too.  If we make bowls, I will also make a cilantro rice (I blend cilantro, lime juice, salt, jalapeño, onion, and garlic together into a puree and then stir it through the rice after its don cooking but while still warm).

-black bean soup:  recipe in THIS post (so old!).  Still a favorite, so comforting.  Top with similar toppings as above, or pickled radishes or pickled onions and tortilla strips are always amazing.

black bean soup gluten free vegan low fat

-tacos papas y rajas:  something like THIS recipe, with the aforementioned chipotle or yogurt crema, cilantro, and salsa (chile morita is a personal fave but any salsa is great!) plus the beans and maybe a veggie side like a simple slaw or broiled asparagus and spring onions.

tacos vegan papas rajas

THESE plantain + black bean rellenos.  Honestly, is there anything better than plantains?  I love them to death.  Thinking to serve them with simple veggie side, like a simple caldo (like THIS one but I’d leave out the chickpeas) or a coconut slaw like THIS one.

Plantain rellenos

-The kale I bought is for another kale/romaine caesar (can’t stop won’t stop) and from the amount of photos you guys have tagged me in, you love this one too!  Simple, hearty, easy.  Recipe HERE.

kale romaine vegan caesar gluten free chickpea

-Cucumbers are for lunch boxes and snacks- I like to bring these to the park after school with a little jar of hummus (recipe HERE).  Allergy friendly and protein and fat for little minds.

-Those strawberries we picked ourselves and they are the most perfect, fragrant, juicy beauties!  Planning to eat some, freeze some whole (I freeze on a plate and then transfer to mason jars so they don’t stick together) for smoothie bowls, and make some into jam for pb&j (healthy chia jam recipe HERE).

-I’m going to make some cookies for Carmela’s lunchbox, too.  I haven’t decided which ones yet.  THESE are the ones I usually do.  I make a batch and then freeze them in a cloth bag so she can pull one or two out every day for her lunchbox/snack. They defrost in her bag and taste fresh.

Vegan lunch kid

That’s all this week!  It’s supposed to be cloudy and maybe even rain this weekend here?!?  Oh spring, you fickle thing.  We were just swimming this week.  Grateful to get the sun any day we can.  I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend, with lots of sun and love.  xx

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