what my plant based kids eat

Carmela Vincent

Hello everyone!  How’s your week going?  It’s raining here right now, can you believe it?!  We woke up to gray skies and now a thunderstorm!  Vin is thrilled and watching the lightning from the window.  Its nice to get some rain for my garden too!  I’m feeling like a big bowl of miso soup for breakfast.  I like savory breakfasts when it’s chilly outside, haha.  Anyone else?

Here’s some bits and pieces of what my kids ate: all whole food/plant based, mostly local foods.  To read about my philosophy on feeding the kids + tips for picky eaters, check out THIS post.  To see more kids food posts; check HERE, HERE, and HERE.  To see my husbands what I eat post, click HERE.  To see my what I eat, click HERE, and HERE.  Whew.

A few times a week, I give my kids THIS b12 supplement.  I make sure to get in chia, hemp, flax, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and plenty of greens and plant based whole fats (coconut, olives, avocado, tahini) every day.  Fat and omegas are so important for everyone, but especially kids.  My kids also eat a spoonful of blackstrap molasses every day for iron/calcium.  I’ve been giving a vegan EPA/DHA too; not sure of the brand, just something I picked up from the market in a little dropper bottle.  My kids drink water only for the most part; occasionally kombucha (they think it’s soda haha) and occasionally herbal teas (they love peppermint or hibiscus).

Vin lunch

basil and mashed chickpea/avocado sandwich on local rye; hummus + carrots and bell peppers.

Vin food vegan kids

Avocado, carrot, cucumber, cabbage on top of brown rice with miso tahini dressing.

Vin snack kids

A weird but delicious snack he’s been asking for: chopped gala apple, tahini, coconut flakes and a few chocolate chips.

Banana vegan kids

We were at the story and he begged me to get these baby bananas for him so of course I did.  He ate like 5 in the car on the way home (while I had to roll the window down and hang my head out bc I hate bananas that much.  Haha.

oats chia jam strawberry

Quick breakfast rolled oats: 1/2 cup dry oats for each bowl, about a tablespoon of chia, cover with boiling water (I use my kettle) and cover with a small plate.  I let them sit while I make the lunches or brush teeth (about 10 minutes).  Then uncover and add toppings- here it’s strawberry chia jam, peanut butter, and strawberries.

road snacks

Road snacks: strawberries, almonds, and dulse seaweed.

Vin lunch

I can’t remember if this was Carmela or Vincent’s!  But it’s fried rice with leftover rice, cabbage, carrots, asparagus, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds + leftover refried black beans with avocado.

Vincent kids salad

salad snack!  Green leaf lettuce with avocado black sesame seeds and carrot ginger dressing, which he LOVES and is super healthy.  Recipe HERE

vin vegan kid

afternoon snack: whole wheat sourdough toast, avocado, tomato, salt and lime.

Vegan kids

freshly cooked black beans (with garlic, onion, epazote, oregano)  + radish and cilantro.

kids breakfast granola fruit

Breakfast of mango, blueberries, seedy cardamom granola + a hot chocolate (spoonful of coconut butter, spoonful cacao powder, sweetener or date, teaspoon of hemp seeds blended with a mug of hot water).

Beet sandwich

beet, tomato, mayo, vegan cream cheese, rainbow slaw Sammy on toasted sourdough.  This was a tester for the restaurant my husband is helping to open up.  Delicious!


mid morning snack before we headed out of the house: chickpea salad sammies (chickpeas mashed with coconut yogurt, whole grain mustard, dulse seaweed granules, chopped celery, carrots, herbs, salt, pepper, toasted sunflower seeds) on whole wheat sourdough.

Miso noodle soup

Miso noodle soup with kale, carrots, celery, seaweed, rice noodles, green onions and sesame seeds.  Recipe HERE.

snacks kids

Snacks for a day out: half an avocado, sliced bell pepper, tomato, dulse seaweed.  Berries and local walnuts.

kids vegan Greek night

Greek dinner!  Lemon potatoes, baked gigante beans, fresh cucumber/pepper/tomato salad.

beans guac

Beans and guac for lunch; we had this inside tortillas with some shredded cabbage and radishes.

12 thoughts on “what my plant based kids eat”

  1. I’m planning to show all above dishes to my 5 year old and ask him to pick what he wants to eat. Perhaps it will make him want more veggies:) (I’m happy your kids are on the pictures so he can relate)

  2. These all look delicious! Just curious if you have a recommendation for a tahini-alternative. Sadly I’m allergic to sesame, but I love the stuff!

    1. Shoot I’m not sure!! Another seed butter maybe? Or hummus sans tahini makes a great creamy base for a dressing.

  3. WOW! Gorgeous!!! These posts must take a lot of work to put together. Thanks so much for sharing. And your kids are beautiful and so lucky.

  4. You are doing your kids an amazing service instilling healthy habits for a lifetime! Thanks for sharing with us.

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