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bamboo sustainable underwear bra

hara the label bra + my ecobags string tote

Hi friends!  Not too sure this is a topic you’re dying to hear about, BUT everyone has to buy undies right?  I found underwear to be a kind of challenging area for zero waste.  Sometimes I purchase secondhand bras on Poshmark or Depop- often you can find brand new ones or ones people took the tags off but it didn’t fit, etc.  I’m really picky about comfortable underwear and I fell in love with Pact thongs and ordered some of them last year and they’re still going strong.  But they came packed in a ridiculous amount of plastic- everything individually wrapped and then wrapped again.  And I really didn’t like their bras.  So I was on the hunt again, and I thought I’d share some resources in case you are looking for sustainable underpinnings too.

I bought a bra from Pansy and I liked it a lot- comfy, organic, fully compostable at its end of life.  I wanted underwear to go with it and they don’t offer any thongs.  This may be TMI but I hate any other underwear, I will only wear a thong and it has to be soft and comfy with a wide enough band to not dig into my side.  True story- years ago, there was this time I was hiking and wore lacy underwear and I ended up cutting them off mid hike haha.  Hate he way full coverage underwear either restricts my leg/butt/thigh with elastic or rides up.  A bummer they don’t include thongs,  but hopefully in the future this label will add a thong because I love their ethics and they are made in California.

Pansy organic underwear

A pansy underwear set // image via 

I ended up settling on this bra + undies from Hara the Label and I’m absolutely in love.  I especially loved this brand because they showcase diversity in their models, and they don’t retouch the models bodies which I think is so important!  I imagine a future where realistic and varied bodies and skin are the norm in media.  They use organic bamboo and natural dyes so there’s no toxic chemical runoff into waterways- during production and when you wash your clothes (info HERE).  Did you know that chemical dye from clothing production is the largest contributor to water contamination in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China?  So sad.  I got the pumpkin color (from mango leaves!) and it’s beautiful!  The fabric is unbelievably soft and comfortable yet supportive, although I don’t have large boobs so not sure how much I can comment on that.  I’ve even been doing yoga in it in the afternoon sun (a benefit of practicing at home haha).  Their other style top is supposed to be good for larger cups.  This brand is from Australia, so it’s quite far and not the best footprint for me here in California, but still much better than before I think.  The bamboo fabrics I had before have lasted me a long time, so I’m hoping these do too.


Unretouched models 😍 // image via 

Also, I haven’t personally tried, but I came across the brand Proclaim which is selling a bralette that looks very supportive in three different inclusive “nude” colors- because nude doesn’t just mean beige.  They’re local to California too and made from plastic bottles.

proclaim underwear

Another option is Boodywear.  They’re also made from bamboo.  Personally I didn’t like the bras (I felt they squished my breasts a little too much and I didn’t like the fabric feel), but I have a pair of leggings from them and they are super soft, although sheer.  Their undies are also great.  I know a lot of people that love the bras, and their packaging is simply a paper box.  They also have a zero waste manufacturing process- read about it HERE.

Other brands worth checking out:

luvahuva: (based in UK, ethical, larger cup sizes)

lonelylingerie: an inclusive, body positive brand with more supportive bras.

thenudelabel: ethical, made in Spain.

baserange: natural and recycled fibers, sustainable, made in Portugal.

To extend the life of my lingerie I always hand wash with a very mild soap (I use either a touch of my laundry detergent or a gentle bar soap) and hang to dry (lay bras flat on a towel).  Often I’ll just wash my undies in the sink that day.

if you know of an amazing brand that I haven’t mentioned or have something to share about sustainable/ethical underwear please comment below so we can all learn from each other!  Sharing knowledge raises outnumbered collective consciousness.  Have a beautiful day xx


4 thoughts on “sustainable undies lately

  1. Thank you SOOOO much. This is definitely something I have been curious about and so happy someone did the research for me! I also love the boody undies but not so much the bras. Look forward to testing these out. ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Thank you for these great resources! I will definitely look into the brands you mentioned when I need to refresh my collection. I too have PACT underwear and love them but not the packaging.

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