what my plant based kids eat

summer kids

Hi friends!  Happy 4th.  We are having a nice slow day with a few friends, swimming, eating melon, then heading down to the community park to have a picnic dinner and watch the fireworks (the whole town does the same!).  We are having potato salad (my friend Whitney makes it THE best), corn, watermelon, and I made these “unribs” for everyone at Joel’s request (I’ll be having tempeh or tofu instead because gluten).  So excited to enjoy the day.

One month into the summer and we are enjoying it so much.  Little to no structure to our days, I say “no” to a lot of plans, and we just flow and do whatever we feel like that day.  Joel’s at work a lot of the time, so the three of us hang out together, swim, listen to podcasts (Brains on and Circle Round are 2 of our favorite kids ones), meet up with friends, road trip for the day, check out mountains of books from the library, tend to the garden, eat loads of melon, visit loved ones, and bike all around.  Nothing in particular but it feels so right.  One of the things I always appreciated my mom for was not over-scheduling us as kids.  For letting us be kids, without a time table or obligations and restrictions.  Summer was gold for us, it meant time to be free and make our own adventures.  I want to gift the same for my kids, allowing them to explore and create their own paths without a predetermined itinerary for the day.  To allow them self discovery.  Since we let go of Netflix (let me know if you want to know more about this) and most other tv time about a year ago, I’ve noticed a blossoming in their creativity and a strengthening in our family bond.  We still enjoy documentaries (especially Planet Earth and Cosmos) and the occasional movie (Moana and Ratatouille are all time faves here), but we enjoy these mindfully, not every night.  For me, I feel that if I’m going to trade some time of my life to watch something, I really want it to feed my soul, not distract me.  I used to use binge watching as a sort of self soothing technique to avoid feeling my feelings.  Anyone else feel the same?


This really has nothing to do with the content of the post today, but it’s just something that’s been on my mind.  Anyways, below is what my plant based, 5 and 9 year old kids have been eating the last few weeks.  Check out previous posts of what we eat, including a few posts for me, and one post for my partner, HERE.  I hope these posts give you some inspiration for simple and vibrant meals.  I always love seeing these types of posts from others too!  Enjoy xx


vegan kids watermelon pool snack zero waste healthy

lots of melon.  Cut up with lime and chili is our favorite way.  Blended into an agua fresca too, or blended and poured into popsicle molds.


so much ratatouille too.  this little lady loves to help make it, it’s so simple and smells amazing.  You can find the recipe HERE and a video I made for it HERE.

gluten free cookie healthy vegan kid

snack while we read together in the afternoon:  local cherries + these gf chocolate cookies.

ratatouille dinner vegan

heres the ratatouille again.  for dinner with a simple salad + sage garlic corona beans (I use the recipe for the pot of cannellini beans in THIS post).

sprout vegan taco

a snack after cherry and berry picking at a U pick farm.  Vegan, gf sprout tacos with nutmeat from Sunflower Drive In.

lentil meatball pasta dinner vegan gluten free kids

enjoying lentil meatballs + pasta for dinner: recipe HERE (scroll down a bit).

vegan kids bowl beans potatoes kraut

lunch bowls: leftover steamed purple majesty potatoes, arugula, avocado, coconut aminos, homemade kraut, creamy black beans.

steel cut oats

morning cutie with steel cut oats, banana, strawbs, cinnamon, flax, hemp.

avocado snack zero waste

on a trip to Lake Tahoe, snacking on avocado with a little flaky Maldon (I keep this tiny travel pinch tin in my purse for when we’re out)

vegan kids watermelon passionfruit snack

watermelon + passionfruit, a divine combo to try if you haven’t before

berries banana almond butter flax

fruit snack bowls: banana, fresh picked berries, almond butter, flax, cinnamon

beach snacks

on a trip to the beach: baba ghanoush, these cumin lentils, cucumber/bell pepper/carrots,  avocado, and lettuce to wrap it all up in.  Medjool dates + dark chocolate for a sweet treat.

burcha turmeric hemp cashew milk zero waste

breakfast: steel cut oats for the kids, burcha for me, mango, berries, and hemp cashew milk (find the recipe in this post).


little swimming love with dinner of loaded tofu/veggie sammies (shredded beets, carrot, hummus, avocado, tomato, kraut, tamari tofu) + salad

rice and beans avocado

leftover black beans reheated with leftover brown rice.  topped with avocado and a squeeze of lime.  2 minute lunch for more play time.

chocolate banana ice cream

afternoon apres pool treat:  banana nice cream- just frozen bananas blended with cocoa powder, almond butter and cinnamon.  Topped with dates and cocoa nibs.

tomato peach avocado

another snack: avocado, peach, tomato, chili flakes, drizzle olive oil and salt

buckwheat porridge gf vegan

breakfast: buckwheat porridge (high in minerals + gf- I buy the Poconos brand which is plastic free- find it in the hot cereal section) with mango and bloobs.

chickpea rice soup vegan

mish-mash clean out the fridge soup: green cabbage, onions, chickpeas, carrots, maiitake mushrooms, miso, and thyme.  Nutritional yeast on top.

fruit bowl vegan kids

white peach, mango, hemp/pumpkin seeds/cacao nibs/coconut shreds.

buddha bowl

super quick lunch: cooked from dried chickpeas, avocado, homemade kraut, basil, tomato, coconut aminos.

cuban black beans and rice

picnic in the park for a concert/farmers market:  cuban black beans and rice  with pickled onions, avocado and Fresno chiles.  Packed in our tiffins: round one HERE and rectangle one HERE.

mango burcha oats

half and half oats and burcha, soaked overnight and cooked together, topped with fresh mango.

mung bean gf pancakes protein dense vegan

lunch:  gf/v mineral dense mung bean pancakes with scallions and carrots.  Served with kimchi and rice.

sandwich vegan kids succotash

dinner: succotash of corn, bell pepper, zucchini, cilantro, Chile flakes, and lime.  Veggie sandwich with white bean aioli, tons of basil, tomato.

kids peach vegan

fresh juicy peaches, nothing better.

afternoon kid snack vegan dulse almond carrot

coloring snacks: carrots, almonds, dulse seaweed.  see my post on low waste art HERE.

kale salad rice chickpeas kraut vegan kids lunch

kale massaged with avocado, coconut aminos, and lime juice.  sprouted rice cooked with baby split chickpeas.  homemade kraut.

coconut yogurt fruit vegan kids snack

breakfast:  coconut yogurt, strawberries, mango.

dahl gluten free vegan

dinner:  dahl with curly kale wilted in, mango chutney, rice, chili flakes.

granola berries coconut yogurt dairy free kids

snack while listening to a podcast:  coco yogurt with seedy cardamom sour cherry granola + berries.

buckwheat porridge gluten free kids

more buckwheat porridge, with white peaches, apricots,blueberries, flax, maple syrup, and cloves.


lemony garlic hummus + veggies is our fave on the go snack.  find the recipe in THIS post.

bagel kraut avocado

snacks:  gf everything bagels with avocado, chili flakes, salt and kraut.

raspberry sorbet kids

finally, what would summer be without ice cream?  We love The Good Scoop for offering seasonal, local, organic flavors with always a handful of vegan options.  This was raspberry sorbet, they have real spoons and the cups are compostable paper.




3 thoughts on “what my plant based kids eat

  1. Thank you for all this inspiration amanda! Would you like to write a post about your favourite books? Would love to read that 🙂

  2. Hey lady! When you make Loni Jane’s burcha, do you use activated buckwheat? (If so, do you activate it yourself?) Also, do you just use white/yellow raisins instead of saltanas? I’m having a hard time with these “different” ingredients — any help is appreciated! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hi! I use golden raisins and I either skip the buckwheat or sprout it myself and dehydrate in the oven at lowest temp- if your google DIY activated buckwheat there’s tons of info. Hope that helps xo

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