this week.

palo santo

Hello again, it’s Friday and another week is in the bag.  The nights are turning a bit cooler here- “and all at once, summer collapsed into fall” -Oscar Wilde.  New rhythms, new foods, new phase of you to grow into.  I’m accordingly feeling more introspective, nurturing, self-searching as we transition from the warmth of summer into the grounding earthiness of fall.  I thought it’d be fun to share with you some snips of life this past week.

Recently I’ve been looking to call in some clarity surrounding career.  I’ve been working at the same job the last 8 years and frankly I’ve outgrown it.  But, I don’t really have an idea of what I want to do instead.  What I’d be good at, successful at, able to grow a business to support my financial needs while also being fulfilled and living my passion.  So, I set my intention around sitting with this and seeking clarity.  The next day, a friend online posted about how they were studying to become a doula.  That night, we went to a community movie screening in the park and one of the sponsor commercials that came up on the big screen was an ad for the local hospital seeking applicants for a volunteer doula program.  The next morning, when we were dropping the kids off their independent study class, we were meeting a few parents and I was talking to one woman in particular.  We were talking about work and she said she’s a doula and how rewarding it is.  The next day, as I was heading to work, I was scrolling through my unplayed podcast episodes to listen to and clicked on one randomly.  It ended up being an incredibly inspiring interview with a woman (Erica Chidi Cohen) who is a ….. DOULA! and creator of LOOM in LA, who is doing incredible work around bringing education and empowerment around all aspects of reproduction in an inclusive community setting.  I reached out to you guys on Instagram to ask for expanding stories of discovering passion as a doula and what that’s looked like for you.  I’ve gotten some amazing responses- so thank you.  I’m exploring further here to see if it’s right for me.  So that’s where thats at right now.  I will update further as things progress.


On a much more vapid plane, I got my hair cut short last week and I love it.  Low maintenance and it suits me better I think.  If you’re wondering, I go to Whitney at The Banyan Tree (incredibly amazing lady and she’s cut my hair the last 7 years).  Joel got his hair cut right before me and I saw her using this pomade on him that was in a METAL tin.  I’ve been incredibly unsuccesful with DIY attempts (and honestly sometimes I just want to buy a product instead of making it in the name of mental energy).  Joel’s been getting a little testy about it, so I was glad to pick this up.  Smells good, not full of crap.  Cute brass tone container.

olives fresh green

We made olives.  I ordered 20 pounds of olives from this farm.  We crushed half for a water leaching and subsequent salt brine following this recipe.  The other half we are brining with salt and vinegar following this recipe.

breakfast bowl savory vegan

I’ve completely shifted from a fruity/sweet breakfast to a savory one, after craving greens and legumes like crazy the last couple weeks.  It’s looked like this: any type of green, sautéed with garlic + any kind of legume + fat (avocado or almond ricotta or seeds) + ferment (kraut or kimchi).  I don’t know how else to describe it, but it feels super grounding.  A good, even base to start the day on.

turmeric sunshine latte

sunshine lattes have been a daily after I come down from a few weeks I’ve been indulging in coffee.  Experimenting currently with a golden paste with dried turmeric for lattes.  Will update.

kindergarten vegan

sweet first day of kindergarten boy.  so, so bittersweet.  mamas, hold your babies every day, no matter how big.

Homeschooling is going great, thanks to those of you following up on us!  It’s been two weeks and I feel like its so beautiful already.  We’re going through an independent study program at our local school district, which has 2 wonderful teachers that have been there for almost 20 years, and specifically love working one on one with kids over the years for homeschooling.  We meet twice a week- 2 classes + a fun day.

Can’t wait to see anyone local at our next zero waste class.

zero waste mesh bag French market tote

I was coveting this black mesh bag ever since I saw a friend with it and I finally bought now haha.  I have a white one, which I love too.  I like having the net style bags because they fold up so small and I can tuck one into even a small purse.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the Yay For Earth Challenge, round two.  I so enjoyed seeing everyones meals and cooking together.

I hope you all have the best weekend.

talk soon xx

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