this week ii.


We ate and harvested our very first passionfruit from our vine planted a few years ago.  So rewarding.  Variety is Nancy Garrison, and I bought it at Redwood Barn for my local friends.

So excited to see the Rene Magritte exhibition at SF MOMA next week.

Currently reading this gentle parenting book and loving it.  An easy, insightful read that offers example scenarios too, which I find so helpful.  I’m really trying to grow this year as a parent.

The next zero waste class/meeting is coming up on Wednesday, September 26th at 6pm at Sac Yard in Sacramento, CA.  RSVP here + to see more details.  Hope to meet you guys there!

Fall is here, and time to make a batch of fire cider.  This is a time honored tradition that aids immunity, circulation, and digestion in the cooler season when things slow down.

Scored the past season, sold out everywhere sweater of my dreams secondhand on Ebay, my first addition to my small winter wardrobe this year.  From the ethical brand DÔEN.

Started my period last night and stocked up on my staples: chocolate, shiitakes and beets- I literally crave them every time.  Plus this red curry or something else soupy and spicy.  Done and done.

I’ve been implementing the idea that the way the world shows up to us is a mirror to what’s going on inside that we need to work on.  For example- something triggers you to get angry, sad, anxious, worried, jealous- looking inside before pointing the finger out.  What in us is making us feel unworthy, threatened, fearful, small?  And getting down to fix that thinking, CBT style- recognizing that our thoughts aren’t facts, therefore enabling us to fix the behavior.  I actually tried this this week especially on anxious feelings in busy places or other social situations- my usual triggers- and it was really effective.  I really love love love psychology, alway have- it’s so fascinating how our brains work.  I hope to be a therapist someday along with being a doula haha.  So many things.  Basically I just love helping people I guess.

Try this booty class over the weekend.  Guaranteed deeeeep workout.

Hope you all have the best weekend xx

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