market haul + video

farmers market haul

We went to the market this morning and I took along the camera to film a bit of it.  Which ended up much harder than I thought, haha.  Joel’s been working very early on Saturday mornings and so its been just me + the kids at the market.  Which is beautiful, but having that extra set of adult hands to carry bags is so useful.  Sometimes as a mom I feel like I need to morph into an octopus to keep up.  Anyways, there was so many fall goodies!  I didn’t get a ton because we’ve been stocking up again midweek at the 2cnd market (we have 2 market days/week here).

curly kale: to saute for my savory breakfasts lately

red kuri squash:  one of my absolute favorite varieties, along with kabocha + no need to peel.  Roast wedges, steam, or cook into a warming fall soup.

broccoli:  love this so much in curries, or steamed with lemon + olive oil + garlic + chili + salt.

apples:  favorite fall snack + satisfies a sweet tooth with some almond butter to dip.  winesap, empire, and fuji are the ones we’ve been digging lately.

garlic:  an essential in our kitchen, we go through multiple heads a week.  these heads were the imperial variety.

carrots:  Nantes variety is my hands down favorite- sweet, crunchy, juicy.  Literally you cannot compare these to store bought woody/starchy carrots.  We shred them on salads, but honestly most often just snack on them whole + raw.  One of my kids favorite snacks.

Here’s the little video + how I put it all away to store it in the fridge without plastic.  Read more about low waste fridge storage HERE.

4 thoughts on “market haul + video

  1. Thank you for this video. It is helpful. I have some more questions. . . .

    RE: cauliflower – can you cut the end and store it in water like broccoli? And, how long will broccoli keep firm stored that way? How do you store cucumbers, green beans, snap peas, & zucchini? I find they get soft fairly quickly if not contained in a plastic bag. Also, how long do items stay fresh in the cloth bag you used?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jeanine!
      It depends on how long the stem is. Usually when I get cauliflower its stem isn’t substantial enough to trim and place in water, you could try though!
      The longest I’ve tried to store broccoli is a week, so I can’t speak for longer than that, but it stayed firm the whole time.
      The veggies you mentioned I usually keep in a swag bag or in a large pyrex with a lid like the kale.
      They keep over a week in the swag bag, but, I don’t have experience trying to hold them longer- because veggies deplete nutrients with storage, so I try to eat everything from one week to the next or less personally.
      Did you see the post I linked here where I did an in depth fridge storage post? That would be helpful for you, I think.


  2. Amanda,
    Thank you for all the good work you do for your family, followers, and the world. I love finding an email from you in my inbox!
    Grateful 🙂

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