this week iii.

palo Santo

Hello everyone!  I wanted to pop on to share a little about things that made my week!  I hope you guys had a beautiful weekend.  This weekend I indulged in this fall energy, roasted some squash, whisked up a dressing or two for the week, hit the farmers market and stocked up on high vibe produce, and my partner gifted me a beautiful day without the kids.  A friend and I went to San Francisco to check out the MOMA, and it was beautiful!  We brought our packed lunch in our tiffins and water bottles so no waste was created except for the ticket (sticker type).  For more info on zero waste on the go, this post may be helpful!

dry brushing //  as colder fall weather creeps in, I’m religiously dry brushing to bring more circulation to my body.  This looks similar to the one I use (picked mine up at a local store)

broad room // this beautiful womens collective space had its soft opening Thursday night and I popped by to check it out.  So cute and the best energy, rooted in womens empowerment and community building.  Definitely check it out if you are a Sacramento local creative, and here’s a link to their kickstarter if you want to back them!

adaptogen tonic // Sun Potion had a fall sale on their ashwagandha a couple weeks back and I picked up a bottle, and I’m loving the ease of use since it’s powdered.  I was previously using the bulk whole herb form and steeping it in my infusions as I felt the need.  I find it’s particularly soothing and restorative for stress.  It’s also immune fortifying and hormone balancing, and has been a long history of being used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine. I blend with a few gooey dates, caffeine free rooibos chai powder, nut milk or coconut butter and sometimes some turmeric for a soothing afternoon or nighttime drink.

I QUIT // my freaking job you guys!  A passionless 8 years in a soul sucking restaurant job and I finally did it after getting down to the root of why I was holding on so tight here.  Self worth + fear were the main ones.  So over the last month(s), I worked through that shit, released it, and finally followed the hit of intuition telling me “do it” and jumped.  Thanks for all your lovely messages of support. If you missed it, I saved my IG story where I talked about it to my highlights, titled “I quit”- access it on my instagram.  Hopefully I can serve as and expander for those of you also contemplating a bold move out of a toxic environment.

bill nye the science guy //  I used to watch this show all the time as a kid, and as a supplement to our homeschool routine the kids have been LOVING watching ones that pertain to what they’re curious about.  Watch for free on YouTube (search bill nye) and theres so many!

podcasts // if you guys are into crime podcasts, Black Hands was RIVETING for me and seems appropriate as the spookiest month comes rolling in (warning- super creepy).  For kids, Brains On! and Circle Round have been our favorites the last month.

cookbook // I’m so late to the game, but I finally got a copy of CAP Beauty’s cookbook/lifestyle book High Vibrational Beauty and I LOVE it so much.  Beautiful photos, rituals, recipes- finally a cookbook that approaches health and beauty holistically.  Check if your library has it!

recipe // I’ve been loving delicata squash lately- you leave the skin on- just cut them in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.  Cut crosswise into half moons and toss with a little coconut oil and sea salt.  Try doing half squash and half red potatoes for a satisfying combo.  Roast at 400 till tender- stir once so they flip and cook evenly- and then after they come out of the oven, while they’re still hot, toss in a large bowl with finely minced garlic and rosemary or parsley.  So good on top of kale salad, quinoa, sautéed greens, or with chickpeas.  I made a large batch so as to have some leftovers.

susan meiselas //  I was especially moved by an exhibit at the MOMA on Susan Meiselas, an American photographer documenting a wide range of subjects, including war, human rights, domestic violence, and strippers.  The photos were beautiful and intimate and deeply touching.  Here’s a beautiful set of photos she documented of a group of girls in the mid 70s growing up in Little Italy… “Meiselas captured portraits of the girls in an uncontrived state, removed from the artistic traditions of the male gaze….she turned her lens on her subjects’ early experiences with womanhood, and the parallel shedding of innocence.”  I’m glad to be introduced to her work.

If there’s one thing you do this week, carve out some time for you and you only.  Even if you’re a mama, even if you think you don’t have time.  Even 15 minutes.  Enlist your friend, partner, family, neighbor to watch your kid(s)/do the dishes/take the reins on whatever you need for a small period of time so you can walk, meditate, journal, take a bath, yoga, breathe deeply, whatever you need absolutely alone.  It’s so worth it and will let you take on the week with a little more grace.  YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Love you guys xx

2 thoughts on “this week iii.

  1. Ooh, a good reminder to seek out delicata squash – I haven’t seen it in awhile! I really like cooking it until it’s jammy and using it as a pasta sauce.

    Congratulations on taking the leap – I admire your guts!

    1. Thank you Krystal! I have been obsessing over the delicata- just had some for breakfast actually! So good and fast cooking. Appreciate your kind message xx

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