october market haul + what I’m cooking


Can you believe its already October?  I can’t.  Leaves are falling here, nights are cool, socks are back, soups and warm drinks.  The days have been beautiful here, warm but with the most pleasant cooling breeze.  This morning we went to the farmers market and bought some fall goodies- apples, squashes, potatoes.  Here’s what I plan to cook with it + a video with some farmers market + storage tips.

frisee (chicory)- salad with a bracing mustardy vinaigrette and some thinly sliced sweet apples + plenty of crushed black pepper + toasted hazelnuts.

purple potatoes- steam, smash, brush with a bit of oil, roast at 400 till crispy, toss while hot with crushed garlic and parsley.

red kuri squash- to make more of my soup with chickpeas, because I can’t get enough.

honey nut squash- this small, sweet, and intensely colored butternut variety is amazing cut in half and roasted with cinnamon.

cauliflower- we are having a moment with cauliflower over here, I got both gold and white varieties.  Joel makes these buffalo wings with it (sub a mix of chickpea flour and white rice flour for the gluten flour), and I’m hoping to make this manicotti too.  We also love it steamed and tossed in vinaigrette, or roasted with thyme.

apples- plain or with almond butter.  Best snack.  We got Arkansas Black and Golden Delicious this week.

carrots- a staple for us, we eat them plain or shred and toss with vinaigrette.

I hope you guys are having a beautiful weekend!  Can’t wait to film the homeschool q+a video/write up a blog post for you this week.  I’ve gotten so many questions and I’m very excited to share, because its been a huge transition and so beautiful.  If you didn’t submit your question, please comment below or message me on IG.


6 thoughts on “october market haul + what I’m cooking

  1. thx so much for your wonderful blog. I recently found it and enjoy all the info you provide. As for the apples, I first had an Arkansas black from an orchard stand somewhere in san luis Obispo. They are AMAZING flavor bombs. As for the honeynut squash I tried finding it in southern calif. with no luck. Maybe this season at the farmers mkt I’ll have some luck. All reviews on them say they’re delicious. best to you and your family.

  2. That is the cauliflower buffalo wing recipe I use as well. My husband really loves it. Do your kids eat it? Sometime my kids will try them without the buffalo sauce but they are not interested at all. I use barbecue sauce instead of the hot sauce sometimes too.
    Do you like the Red Kuri more than Kabocha…I cannot seem to deviate from Kabocha.

    1. Hi! My kids actually don’t eat it with the buffalo sauce, but if it has BBQ they love it. I like Kabocha just as much! I like red Kuri for roasting because it has an in between texture- not as dry as kabocha, so roasts up soft but still starchy if you know what I mean. I use both!

  3. Hi!
    I am new to your blog, and I absolutely love what you write, your videos and your recipes! I am not a vegan, but you sure inspire me to be one. Your texts are so inspiring to read, and you dare to reveal a bit of yourself, to show your vulnerability. Doing that is brave in social media today.. Looking forward to your next blogpost. Sending good vibes from the arctic Norway.

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