zero waste workshop


Hello all!  I posted on Instagram, but I wanted to pop on here too to announce a hands on zero waste workshop on November 4th at Broad Room in Sacramento.  I’m so excited to be able to use this beautiful collective space rooted in womens empowerment.

when //  sunday, november 4th from 3-4 pm

where //  Broad Room 2311 S st. #3, Sacramento, CA 95816

what //  in this workshop, we will:

  • explore why transitioning to a low waste lifestyle is important more than ever in Sacramento
  •  go through each area of life + home and discuss options to implement alternatives to single use items
  • make a non toxic, low waste tub + sink scrub to take home along with an all purpose citrus cleaner in upcycled glass containers to get you started in transitioning your home
  • q+a session to get all your curiosities answered
  • leave empowered and inspired to create small changes in your life, with a list of local resources to support your journey

price // tickets are $25 (which covers my cost for materials + cost to compensate broad room for their space)- available through @broad_room website- click HERE.

I may offer a virtual class like this online in the future if anyone would be interested?

So excited to see you there xx

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