this week iv.


pumpkin patch vegan kids

October is almost gone, can you believe it?  I can’t.  Fall is well underway, although here in northern CA it’s only chilly in the early morning and late evening.  I still haven’t packed my cutoff Levi’s away for next year.  This week I pulled out the slow cooker, we went to the pumpkin patch, and watched A Nightmare Before Christmas, and ripped out our summer garden to make way for winter plants.  I’ve been working really hard on the recipe ebook and it’s very rewarding work.  If I didn’t have kids, I think I would literally lose track of time and work all day on it.  Although my eyes are hating me.  Maybe I need those blue light blocking glasses I’ve been seeing on everyone?

I’ve also been really contemplating letting go.  It seems like that in fall, nature gently encourages us to shed what we no longer need.  For me I’ve been really diving deep into the reasons why I do the things I do.  Anytime the answer is, for something outside of myself, I really evaluate that.  For example, the term “flattering” for clothes.  Sometimes I feel like I get caught up in the feeling that I need to look attractive.  Which can mean many things, but I’m letting go of the need to dress a certain way.  As a teenager and young adult, honestly, the way I dressed was in order to elicit a look of sexual desire from others.  I found comfort and attachment and validation in feeling desired in this way.  I’m not ashamed or anything and not saying that doing so is wrong.  Just looking at it and contemplating whether or not it was actually ME.  Which it wasn’t.  Really, I just wasn’t whole enough to dress the way I authentically wanted to.  So I went through my closet and reevaluated what I was wearing because I liked the way it made me feel vs I liked the way it make others view me.  I’m done with restricting clothing and sold a lot of pieces that I felt fit into this realm.  Similarly, bras with underwire.  Anything that I’m itching to get out of at the end of the day should be an automatic no.   I bought a loose linen dress that is anything but “figure enhancing”- it actually makes me look bigger- and I love that.  It’s architectural, theatric, loose and comfortable, easy to move, kneel, squat, sit, bend, play in with my kids.  So, I invite you, in this season of fall, to similarly examine your choices is life- the things you do, say, watch, read, think, follow- and without judgment, examine honestly WHY you do them.  Is it because your authentic self wants to?  Or is it because you felt for some reason you needed to.  Then, I invite you to think about the concrete steps you could take to move more towards what YOU want.  To uncover a little more of your true wants, needs, desires, joys and bring them back into focus.  I invite you to work towards wholeness.

Beaton linen dress alabaster ethical clothing

linen dress from ethical woman run company BEATON (one of 2 pieces I added to my fall/winter wardrobe- sounds funny but I live in CA and its so warm still and can be layered easily).  I’ve worn it almost every day.  Speaking of, check out THIS POST.

notes from this week:

zero waste workshop // if you’re local and want to come to my zero waste workshop, click HERE for more info and how to sign up.  Looking forward to it immensely!

miso + corn chowder // this slow cooker chowder from Heidi Swanson took me no time at all to make, is loaded with flavor, and was almost completely hands off.  Recipe HERE.

instant pot // I’ve been waffling on getting an Instant Pot for a year or more, but I’m kind of anti-appliance- I like to keep it minimal in the kitchen.  After talking to so many people about how its life changing, and then reading The Plant Paradox where it states that pressure cooking beans removes almost all of the lectins, which can irritate people with autoimmune disease, its on my list.  Hoping to find one secondhand though!

papier-mâché pumpkins // we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday as a homeschool group and got a few pumpkins, but I thought it would be fun to make a big papier-mâché one that we could store and use for years to come.  We did a similar project making a large apple years back.  Here’s an inspiring post.  I used repurposed chicken wire as the base instead of a plastic ballon, which makes it more sturdy, too.

halloween // speaking of seasonal pleasures, here’s last year’s post about how we navigated a low waste halloween (doing it the same this year).  Here’s another excellent post with ideas (read the comments too!) from @simplylivingwell- love her account.  And for good measure, if you’re curious, here’s Thanksgiving and Christmas and Valentine’s.

call me by your name // I’m late to the party here, but I finally got my hands on a copy of this movie via my local library, and it’s still haunting me with its beauty.

ojalá // this song on repeat.  goosebumps every time.

book club // how have you guys been enjoying Gentle Discipline?  I’m currently on the chapter on lying and wow.  Shifting my perspective so much.  Parenting is so hard and I definitely fail a million times each day just like with anything in life, but I’m always acknowledging my mistakes, reconnecting with my kids, finding the root of the thinking, forgiving myself, and moving forward.  Book club post is HERE in case you missed it.

dates // It’s date season and I bought myself a big case of Medjools.  SOOOOO gooey, the best treat ever.  Sometimes I eat them with celery which is a divine salty sweet combo.  Also celery + red grapes is another favorite.

core challenge // I’m on day 5 of the core challenge that was put on by Ali Kamenova last year.  I did it last year around this time and thought it would be fun to revisit since I usually do leg heavy workouts.  I’m seriously feeling it.  Using a pullup bar instead of the dip station for hanging leg raises and such.  Whew.  The core is so important for us to remain strong, flexible and supported as we age.  Don’t neglect it.  Find the free challenge HERE.

Love you + enjoy your weekend



2 thoughts on “this week iv.

  1. Love this post! I have been evaluating a lot of my wardrobe too. Yes, letting go is the exact feeling I get. So hard when I am chasing my toddler everywhere.

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