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Hi friends!  How’s you Sunday going?  I’m just over here watering my plant babies, organizing and rearranging things, and heading to the library to pick up new books for the week.  I’ve got a pot of soup bubbling away on the stove and some nice jazz floating around.  It’s a good day.  I’m grateful to be alive.  Here’s some little things from my week:

making a murderer // I canceled our Netflix about a year or more ago, but recently reinstated it so I could watch Season II of Making a Murderer.  I just love anything mysterious/crime related.  Netflix, on the other hand- I’m ready to delete it again.  It’s just such a time suck for me and I find it difficult to set boundaries around it.

soup // Joel + Vin hit the market on Saturday while I slept in, and they brought back an amazing head of celery with tons of dark leafy greens attached.  When I get celery like this, I love making this excellent celery + wild rice soup, which utilizes the greens as pesto.

ebook // still working on the ebook of recipes, still absolutely loving it.  I’ve got a while to go, but this week I’m working on writing the recipes for a creamy + spicy tomato soup, mushroom stew, panang curry, tahini maple dressing, and photographing them.  The most challenging part has been measuring.  Because I hate to measure.  But it’s a good lesson in patience.

doula work // I attended an orientation/interview for a doula training program at a hospital here and will attend the workshop in December, and be on the floor by January.  Beyond inspired and grateful.

low waste cleaning // I did this little roundup of all my staples for low waste cleaning, find the post HERE.

zero waste cleaning

Carmela’s birthday // Carmela turned 10!  I can’t believe it.  What is time?  Ten years in the blink of an eye.  Mamas (and papas), hold your babies tight and give them extra kisses.  Even when you feel like you’re in the trenches, wiping butts and noses, dealing with tantrums, having no time for yourself.  The day will come when that will seem like the sweetest time in the world.  She chose to go to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, an amazing science based place where everything can be handled, touched, and explored.  We stopped by The Butcher’s Son in Berkeley, an all vegan deli, which I highly recommend if you’re in the area or passing through.  They had the Beyond Italian sausage in bulk there, plus just about anything  else you could think of, veganized.

ritual // everything has been so, so busy lately.  The last few weeks have felt like I’ve hardly had a chance to breathe.  I’ve let go of some of my usual grounding rituals and am really feeling pulled to return to them.  This week, I will return to getting to bed earlier, early morning journaling, and body movement.  Without these, (especially going to bed early/waking up early) I feel frazzled, immediately waking up to hit the ground running.  Read a post about re-centering HERE.  I also am craving outside time- a hike, trip to the ocean, getting out into natural spaces, receiving that special type of healing from Mama.  Not sure that I’ll get that this week, with the smoky skies and red sun from the devastating fires here in California.  It breaks my heart to see my beautiful state ripped open, raw and hurting, over and over again from the blazes.  Here’s how you can help if you feel called: HERE.

vegan Docs // after wanting a pair for years, I finally picked up a pair of vegan Doc Martens.  My old leather ankle boots have almost bit the dust, and I’ve really been enjoying the Docs.  They’re great quality and so comfortable.

vegan doc marten boots 1460

math + literature // this book caught my eye on our teacher’s bookshelf at one of our homeschool meetings.  It pairs literature with math, basing exploring a problem on numbers involved in the text of the story.  I thought it’d be great for Carmela, who detests math but loves reading.  We’ve been so enjoying it so far, and Vin has been joining in, too, using the example of Madeline: “12 little girls in 2 straight lines” to find out how many girls were in each line?  Here’s the book for 4-6 grades if you’re interested (they also have other grades).

homeschool math

savory breakfasts // still very into savory breakfasts, especially as the weather just finally shifted this last week from hot to arctic (for me anyways, certified cold hater).  I just don’t want anything that’s not HOT in my body, especially in the morning.  Nothing else appeals.  The kids have been loving steel cut oats (I cook a la Zero Waste Chef method HERE) + I have been eating soups, leftovers, and sautes.  Yesterday, I did leftover steamed kabocha squash + leftover broccoli sautéed with tempeh, calabrian chiles, garlic, and a drizzle of tamari.  Delicious, filling, nutrient dense and took less than 5 minutes.  The day before, leftover lentil curry, rice, and lots of cilantro + lime.  Read more about savory breakfasts HERE.

savory breakfast

I hope you all had the perfect weekend for you.  Enjoy the extra day off if you have it!  Treat yourself to a nice pot of soup to eat all week, or a nice hot bath.  You deserve it.  LOVE YOU xx

7 thoughts on “this week v.

  1. Thanks for the great content, Amanda! I have been eyeing a pair of Docs for a while now, too. I have been looking for a used pair but finding the exact size and style I want is tricky. The fact that they make a vegan version definitely makes biting the bullet of buying new easier. Would you say the vegan pair seems as sturdy as the classic leather? 🙂

    1. Hi Jamie! Same here, I looked for used but wasn’t able to find what I wanted. The vegan leather seems very sturdy, although I haven’t felt the leather pair since I was in 7th grade and had a pair, haha. But they seem like they will hold up very well. My friend got the same pair some months ago and says hers are excellent, too. Hope that helps!

    2. Can definitely assure that they are super sturdy, I had a pair of vegan ones in cherry red for 6 years now and they are so comfy and still have no holes or anything. Can’t say as new because I do not respect my shoes very well.

      However, I also have a pair of brogues and those I cannot seem to break in 😦

  2. Hi, This is totally unrelated but I made your cardamom granola recipe that was posted on The Zero Waste Collective. It is AMAZING!! There is vanilla listed in the recipe instructions but not in the ingredients list. I am about to make it again and would love to know how much vanilla to use. Thanks so much!

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