a week of meals in late november

This Saturday, I’m sitting here, house to myself, sipping my lovely puerh tea and enjoying the silence that you don’t normally get to indulge in with kids around.  It’s fantastically soothing and I’m savoring every last drop.  I’m dreaming up what I want to eat this week, inspired by the produce I picked up from the market.  It’s rained here the last few days, a very welcome respite from the dry + smoky air we’ve been experiencing after the fires whipped through the country north of us.  The wonderfully amazing Molly of Ambatalia has put together a website HERE selling wares that artists and makers have donated- all proceeds benefit the fire victims and it might knock out any holiday gift shopping you were planning to do, while also supporting those who have been devastated and ripped wide open by this disaster.

fall pumpkin shopping

Needless to say, the rain has been most welcome and gratitude given for it coming.  I just planted some lettuces, green onions, kale, and garlic this week- late as usual- and they’ve loved the rain, too.  When it rains, I get into a nesting sort of mood, so I’ve been also organizing the house, doing little things that summer makes seem tedious, but winter I don’t mind.  You know- organizing, cleaning out the silverware drawer, taking control of my spice cabinet and such tasks.  I’ve also felt pulled to meal plan a bit.  I usually don’t totally stick to meal plans as I find them stifling and restrictive sometimes, but I also can feel totally afloat if I don’t have a vague plan or library of things to make.  It’s all a balance, I suppose.  I probably won’t stick to this, but it’s more to give me a kind of library in my head of what I’m interested in eating right now.  I hope it inspires you, too, to cook some fresh, warming food for yourself this week.  (you can find a ton more meal plans HERE.)

copper kettle thrifted pumpkin haulfridge

basics | I plan to restock a few basic recipes that I use for many other things- coconut yogurt, big batch of chickpeas cooked from scratch, almond milk for lattes, and hoping to make some GF bread- this recipe looks really nice!

buffalo chickpea chili with mushrooms | yep, you heard that right.  I’ve been wanting to make this bad boy for months but never got around to it.  I’ve had a buffalo obsession the last few weeks and I’m going for it!  Recipe via The First Mess HERE.

lentil bolognese | I always come back to this sauce recipe.  Its so delicious, easy and hearty and I often make a double batch to have leftovers.  This + GF pasta + some vegan parm + plenty of chopped parsley and a side salad is such a delicious meal.  Recipe HERE.

moroccan chickpea soup | I remember many years ago having a moroccan spiced chickpea soup with lamb and I have been wanting to recreate the same soup, but vegan- with all those warming spices, tomato, and the pleasant bite of chickpeas throughout.  I’m going to use THIS recipe as a base, using my leftover chickpeas, and go from there.

kale + roasted squash orzo with salted yogurt | THIS pasta dish looks so good, simple, and seasonal- I’ll be swapping out the pasta for GF, and the yogurt for coconut yogurt.

lentil and butternut slow cooker stew | THIS slow cooker recipe is always one I come back around to this time of year.  The herbes de Provence really make it have a lovely flavor + the toppings round it out nicely with a creamy and crunchy counterpart to the tender, yielding stew.  It takes very little time to prepare and makes quite a bit.

lentil crockpot stew vegan butternut

beet tartlets | the beets at the market have been so flavorful, sweet, and thin skinned that I can’t stop buying them.  Their bright colors and earthy flavor is so comforting.  I most often eat them pickled, roasted, or grated raw into salads, BUT I have been dreaming up some sort of tarte tatin or other pastry situation.  THIS recipe looks great, with the fennel and white bean creamy filling.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

xx Amanda


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