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I’m a 30 year old mama of two, married to my absolute best friend, living in California.

I’ve been in love with food as long as I can remember and came to a vegan diet after struggling to cope with my rheumatoid arthritis for years.  I was able to heal myself with fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables + modifying my lifestyle to have less stress: through yoga, meditation, and simplifying my life.

Feeding my family fresh, local, vibrant, organic foods is so important to me and Ibelieve a plant based lifestyle is really the key to good health.  I’m also a passionate about intuitive eating, natural birth, feminism, breastfeeding and plants.

I started my zero waste journey a few years ago after reading about Bea Johnson in Sunset Magazine.  It was a bumpy road, especially with kids, but we managed to make less and less trash month after month.  Living our values felt so good that we never looked back.


zero waste kitchen

vegan zero waste trash jar

Here I share recipes, healthy living tips, and how my family and I live without all the trash.  I hope you will be inspired to make even the smallest change in your life- whether by packing your own lunch, using reusable bags, cooking dinner a few times a week, DIY-ing your own condiments, or anything else really.

When you keep building upon these small changes it can add it to something HUGE.

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zero Waste fridge

Thank you for reading, and for more of my day-to-day life, you can find me on Instagram @mamaeatsplants

xx + all my love,