package free: fermented hot sauce

This year I'm trying to reduce my recycling and rely less often on store bought products in the interest of sustainability- and also just because its fun for me.  I already buy very little pre made foods- see package free: veggie broth , everything bagel spice, package free: hummus, pickled onions + beets and sauerkraut. but certain things I… Continue reading package free: fermented hot sauce

package free: everything bagel spice

Everything bagel seasoning: savory confetti bursting with toasty flavors.  It's perfect on avocado toast, popcorn, sauteed greens, rice, basically just, well, everything.  I've been seeing this all around the internet since Trader Joe's came out with their "Everything but the Bagel" blend.  I thought I'd try my hand at making my own sans packaging.  It… Continue reading package free: everything bagel spice

crumbly vegan parm

Sometimes you just need a hit of salty, umami flavor to finish a dish.  This crumbly, nutty vegan parmesan is just that + it's made from healthy ingredients.  It's super easy to whip up and lasts indefinitely in the fridge.  The perfect garnish for pizza, pasta, soups, roasted veggies and more.  Mix it into vegan… Continue reading crumbly vegan parm