grocery haul + cooking plans for it

farmers market zero waste vegan

Hi friends!  Today we headed to the farmers market and stocked up on fresh spring produce.  Usually we go Saturday, but since yesterday we were out all day, we missed our market.  So, we went to the next town over to get our fix.  If I miss the market, I’m kind of lost for that week, so I make it a priority.  It’s fun going to different farmers markets every once in a while, they each have a different energy and of course different vendors and products.  My favorite vendor at this market (Sacramento, under the freeway at X street on Sunday mornings) is Riverdog Farms.  They have beautiful produce: vibrant purple daikon radish, deep green crinkly bloomsdale spinach, tiny buttery golden potatoes, and hard to find rutabagas and turnips.

zero waste vegan farmers market cart

This week has been busy, so I didn’t get a chance to plan meals out really, but here’s what I bought (whatever looked good to me) + what I’m thinking of making with it this week.  (see what I made last week here).

morel Mushrooms vegan zero waste

fresh morel mushrooms:  I found these tiny treasures at the citrus guy’s stand.  He told me that they got busy one year and had to put off tilling in between the citrus trees.  When he finally got around to it, he had a beautiful surprise waiting for him: morels had popped up all through the trees.  I’ve actually never had these before so I’m really excited as I love all types of mushrooms, but especially wild ones which are so flavorful.  I’m planning to sauté them simply and serve with fresh pasta (trying out this gluten free chickpea flour-flax pasta!), asparagus, and a side of brothy garlic sage cannelini beans.

beets:  I got both golden and chioggia (hot pink and striped heirloom italian variety) beets this week for a fun and bright change.  They’re both a little more mild than regular red beets, so maybe try them out if you think you don’t like beets.  I’m thinking of making this beet carrot slaw with tahini dressing.  I’ll probably roast the rest and slice for sandwiches and bowls, maybe throw a slice or two to blend in with the hummus.  This beet pastrami was delicious.  Check out this post all about beets too!

asparagus:  I bought 2 bunches this week, will roast with green/spring onions and lemon wedges, drizzle of oil, s+p for a simple side!  The lemon gets sweet and delicious while roasted.  Let it cool a bit and then squeeze over the veggies.  I bake at about 400 till the asparagus is tender.  This recipe with almond orange pan sauce is really yum too.

Zero waste produce storing

spring onions: to bake with the asparagus as described above.

green cabbage:  cut into wedges, blanched and then roasted, humble green cabbage transforms into something magical, sweet, tender and caramelized.  The first recipe on this link (but ignore the pork meatball part, just look at the simple directions for the cabbage).

easter egg radishes:  these beauties will be eaten plain and raw, with hummus (a weekly staple for us).  They’re super good and indulgent with a smear of Miyoko’s butter and flaky Maldon salt too.

Easter egg radish

spinach:  Sauté simply for a side.  I like to sauté chopped onions and garlic till translucent in a little olive oil, then add the spinach and, to flavor- either nutmeg or, add the end, toasted sesame seeds.  I may make this spinach/strawberry salad instead though- I haven’t gotten around to making it yet and I have a batch of tofu feta in the fridge.

spinach farmers market California vegan zero waste

carrots:  making this french carrot salad again.  It’s sooo good.  I add chopped shallots and a little dijon mustard to the dressing.  Add some french lentils to make it a perfect lunch with some avocado.

carrot salad vegan french David Leibovitz

strawberries:  for breakfast or snack with coconut yogurt, or for the strawberry spinach salad.

tangerines:  for lunches, snacks, these guys are so convenient to take on the go too.  My kids eat them like candy.  The peels are great to save to infuse white vinegar for cleaning (the citrus makes it smell great and cut grease well).

fresh garlic:  for everything!  I use garlic liberally.  The fresh stuff is so yummy.

Garlic fresh spring farmers market Davis Sacramento

baby artichokes:  I prepped these already (like this tutorial shows) and thinking about doing a spring paella with them, something like this one.

lettuce:  I got 5 heads of lettuce because I was craving salad!  I love Ellen Fisher’s almond butter-balsamic dressing.

hydroponic Lettuce mason jar

watercress:  this soup with chickpeas looks fantastic.  I will sub coco yogurt for the Greek yogurt.

for sweets:  I plan to make these salted chocolate tahini bliss balls, and every week I make a batch of these gf choc chip cookies (sweetened with banana!) and put them in a cloth bag in the freezer.  Through the week, my daughter grabs a few out for her school lunch/snacks, works so well!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a lovely week xx