summer staple: peach, tomato, basil salad

The weekend is here again, and I'm cleaning out the fridge in preparation for the farmers market tomorrow.  This week was slow, fun, and spontaneous and I really enjoyed it.  I started working even more deeply on saying "no" to commitments when I felt like it, letting go of attachments to my (self imagined) "expectations"… Continue reading summer staple: peach, tomato, basil salad

creamy kale + romaine caesar with crispy chickpeas

Last week I made this kale and romaine caesar with crispy roasted chickpeas and it was a hit!  The kids and Joel loved it, and we made it again last night.  It’s full of deep greens, but it’s creamy and crunchy from the tahini dressing and roasted chickpeas.  It also packs in quite a bit… Continue reading creamy kale + romaine caesar with crispy chickpeas