a week of meals: time crunch edition

This week has been INSANE.  I've been working 6 + hours a day without a break harvesting rosemary, molding it into wreaths, and tying them off with raffia for a school fundraiser for the garden program I teach at my daughters school.  Along with all my other mom responsibilities and my regular job.  Not complaining… Continue reading a week of meals: time crunch edition

use your noodle.

Peanut noodles are a crowd pleasing, easy meal to have up your sleeve.  Plus, they look so pretty and impressive.  You can really make this with any noodles you fancy: udon, soba, julienned/spiralized carrot, cucumber or zucchini, even spaghetti.  I made this with bucatini I found in bulk at Rainbow Grocery and it was great!… Continue reading use your noodle.

lentil bolognese

This lentil bolognese turned out so flavorful!  I had some lentils lounging in the fridge that needed to be used, so as usual, I planned my meal around them.  I always like to cook a legume on the weekend to have in the fridge to build meals easily- lentils go so well in grain salads,… Continue reading lentil bolognese