creamy kale + romaine caesar with crispy chickpeas

Last week I made this kale and romaine caesar with crispy roasted chickpeas and it was a hit!  The kids and Joel loved it, and we made it again last night.  It’s full of deep greens, but it’s creamy and crunchy from the tahini dressing and roasted chickpeas.  It also packs in quite a bit… Continue reading creamy kale + romaine caesar with crispy chickpeas

a week of meals: time crunch edition

This week has been INSANE.  I've been working 6 + hours a day without a break harvesting rosemary, molding it into wreaths, and tying them off with raffia for a school fundraiser for the garden program I teach at my daughters school.  Along with all my other mom responsibilities and my regular job.  Not complaining… Continue reading a week of meals: time crunch edition