cultured almond ricotta

Yesterday I made this almond ricotta thanks to inspiration from my friend Frances @blissfullynurtured, and it turned out so delicious I thought I'd write it down here in the blog for easy referencing. I've made ricotta many times before with cashews, and I'd assume if you are allergic to nuts you could try making it… Continue reading cultured almond ricotta

end of summer eating

market haul this week: cheddar cauliflower, savoy cabbage, sheepnose peppers, okra, fresh cranberry shell beans, early girl tomatoes for stuffing.  straw bag thrifted, its actually from a lancome free gift as per the tag inside (LOL).  Cloth produce bags from simple ecology (mesh white) and ambatalia (black linen bento bag). Hello friends!  It has been a while.  Lots of… Continue reading end of summer eating

summer staple: peach, tomato, basil salad

The weekend is here again, and I'm cleaning out the fridge in preparation for the farmers market tomorrow.  This week was slow, fun, and spontaneous and I really enjoyed it.  I started working even more deeply on saying "no" to commitments when I felt like it, letting go of attachments to my (self imagined) "expectations"… Continue reading summer staple: peach, tomato, basil salad

what my plant based kids eat

Hi friends!  Happy 4th.  We are having a nice slow day with a few friends, swimming, eating melon, then heading down to the community park to have a picnic dinner and watch the fireworks (the whole town does the same!).  We are having potato salad (my friend Whitney makes it THE best), corn, watermelon, and… Continue reading what my plant based kids eat