what I ate today: v/gf

Hi friends!  Here’s another example of a day’s worth of intuitive eating for me, gluten free, vegan, unprocessed whole foods, and mostly local/seasonal.  Keep in mind that what I eat varies from day to day, season to season, and what’s right for me may not be right for you.  With these “what I ate” style posts, I simply hope to share what works for me and inspire you to eat more simply, more in tune with your body.  Intuitive eating has been such a revelation for me, learning to tune in to my own body and trusting it, instead of tuning outwards to trends, “influencers”, books, etc.  I’ve been practicing it maybe a year or two now and the effects have been profound, and goes hand in hand with self love.

ready?  Heres what I ate and did today on a full day off.  To see more examples of what I, my husband, and kids eat, click here.

7 am: wake up and drink water.  

I always drink a quart jar worth of water in the morning, warm.  I find that cold water feels jarring to my body/my digestion and I almost never drink it.  I fill it halfway with cool water and halfway with hot water from my kettle.  Often I’ll add ginger slices or lemon/lime, but today I just felt like pure water.  Then I made my daughter’s lunch for school while my husband made them breakfast.

Water zero waste

8 am: meditation + gua sha

Carmela left for school and I sat and meditated with my husband for maybe 10 minutes while Vin played LEGOS.  After, I put on this golden elixir oil from CocoKind and did a lymphatic drainage practice called gua shaan ancient Chinese massage technique where you “scrape” smooth jade or rose quartz blades over the skin, releasing the fascia and facilitating drainage.  My face can get really puffy and this helps so much.  It brings so much circulation to the skin and adds that glowiness.  Plus, in my experience, it helps any breakouts that may be coming up to go away fast.  This one is similar to a set I have.

Gua sha

8:15 am:  herbal infusion

I started drinking my herbal infusion from the night before: nettles, ashwagandha, and spearmint steeped overnight in hot water.  Strained and diluted the next day, I drink it throughout the morning for minerals and plant medicine.  I switch the herbs up depending on what I’m feeling that I need.

9:30 am:  more infusion + a mango

I drank the rest of my herbal infusion and ate some mango Joel cut for me while I was getting some work done on the computer.  I usually don’t eat breakfast till later than many people, it makes me feel nauseated to eat early, since I was a child!

Nettle infusion spearmint ashwagandha

11 am: workout + smoothie bowl

I did this quick but effective workout and then made a fast smoothie bowl.  I’ve been craving a smoothie bowl and then my mom gifted me some of her stash of frozen garden razzies which are HEAVEN.  Serious candy.  I blended 4 frozen bananas, frozen razzies, vanilla extract, and a splash of homemade coconut milk together until smooth and creamy.  I topped with hemp seeds, more razzies and rawnola I had in the fridge (I used dates, coconut, almond meal and walnuts this time).  This was super filling which was perfect after my strong workout and tiny breakfast.

Smoothie bowl raspberry rawnola banana

2-3 pm: kombucha + strawberries

We ran some errands, picked up a few groceries and then headed to the park by our Wednesday night farmers market.  At my coop I picked up a watermelon basil kombucha (local and on draft) in my mason jar.  I drank that while Joel and I talked and the kids played.

kombucha watermelon zero waste

Then I walked over to the market and found some beautiful spring goodies, including strawberries.  We ate the whole basket.

Farmers market zero waste California

I picked up also a super dark lettuce, sugar snap peas, Cara Cara oranges, baby potatoes, and cilantro- all local, all organic.  I chatted with my farmer friends, who all told me they are desperately hoping for rain soon.  We’ve been so dry here in California this year.  Then we headed to the library to pick up books and a few movies (we canceled our Netflix last summer and it has been THE BEST).

4 pm: sugar snap peas

On the way back home from the library, I drank a quart of water and snacked on some of the sugar snap peas.

Sugar snap peas zero waste

5 pm: rainbow dinner

Joel made himself + the kids a pad thai style dish.  I was craving more veggies and no grains, so I steamed the potatoes I got from the market, a whole zucchini (preserves nutrients) until almost soft, then added in a handful of mushrooms, steamed another minute, and added in tofu and broccoli for the last few minutes).  I cut up half of the zuch and tossed it in the blender with 1 raw carrot, a scoop of white miso, spoon of nutritional yeast, a few cherry tomatoes, clove of garlic, juice from a meyer lemon, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  No recipe, I just made it up as I went and it was delicious.  In my giant bowl, I added the steamed veggies/tofu, avocado, the chopped up head of farmers market lettuce, some sugar snap peas, some tomatoes, pickled onions, and sauerkraut.  Then drizzled the dressing over.  It was so good, all the textures, flavors, colors…plants are medicine.

whole food vegan dinner bowl grain free

7:30 bedtime tonic

Most nights I have a grounding tonic to get ready for bed.  Tonight I did a bit of coconut butter blended with water, Vitamineral Earth, cocoa powder, vanilla, and a gooey medjool date.  So good and so warming.

vegan night tonic

Thanks so much for reading!  Lots of love and I hope you enjoyed xx

what my vegan husband ate today

vegan tofu sandwich

I’m so excited to share this post with you guys today.  I get SO many questions regarding whether my husband is vegan, what he eats + how he gets enough protein, stays full and thrives without animal products.

ALSO I received a few lovely messages about how I’m emasculating him by forcing him to do this???  LOL so let’s just be clear:  I didn’t stomp my foot petulantly and demand he become vegan.  I went vegan for health reasons, and over time it became an ethics and sustainability issue for me too.  My husband had no problem eating plant based at home BUT when we went out he would get meat/cheese stuff.  At first I complained and nagged about this because honestly it was kind of offensive to me.  But then I got over myself and stopped harassing him and after a while he decided on his own he wanted to go totally vegan.

He said Dr. Greger’s science based YouTube videos were super convincing for him, along with Gary Yourofsky’s The Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear.  (What the Health, Cowspiracy, and Earthlings are great documentaries too)  Also, can I just say: a man is a man regardless of dietary choices or anything else really.  Let’s stop putting down any gender for not fitting neatly into a category we have in our heads of how an what they “should” be, act, wear, do.

On his day off yesterday I documented everything he ate, much to his amusement.  (for other “what I eat in a day” style posts for me + the kids, click here)  I also inputted everything into Cronometer, a free nutritional tracking app, for the purposes of this post, so I could show you exactly what vegan food provides.  We don’t normally ever do this, but it’s a good tool when you’re initially going vegan to make sure you’re eating enough, or when you’re breastfeeding, pregnant etc.  He ate a little over 3,000 calories and hit all the nutrients with ease.  At the very bottom of the post you can find the screenshots of all the nitty gritty of the nutrients.  Let’s get into it!

7:30 am:  First, in the mornings he enjoys coffee and drinks it while he’s checking emails.  I buy the beans in bulk, grind them at home, and brew in a vietnamese pour over (tiny, stainless steel and simple).  I either compost the grounds or spread around my plants (great fertilizer and deters pests).  He also takes B12 just like all of us (we take a brand from our co-op) and Vitamin D in winter.


8 am:  For breakfast, Joel usually eats a big bowl of porridge with oats, chia seeds, hemp seeds etc- find the recipe here.  Today he had it with cocoa powder, hazelnuts and some orange wedges.

orange slices chia hazelnut cocoa

11 am:  Before we left the house to teach gardening at my daughter’s school, he had a big bowl of chickpea and farro stew that was leftover from the day before.  No recipe- I didn’t have much in the house so i sautéed up fennel, shallot, garlic, and celery then added italian herbs, canned crushed tomatoes, leftover farro and chickpeas plus parsley, kale, and chard.  Quick, easy and filling- lots of protein and greens.  He had half a large avocado with it too and topped with my vegan parm.

chickpea farro soup kale

1 pm: after we taught the class, we went straight to run errands and grocery shop at the co-op.  He got a sandwich there with smoked tofu, vegan mayo, veggies, sprouts, and avocado.

vegan tofu sandwich

4:00 PM:  snack of granny smith apple, walnuts, and a beer lol.  Im trying to get him to drink growlers of beer but we get a lot of free cans/bottles as samples from his work from liquor reps (restaurant).

Apple walnut snack vegan


5:45 pm: we had pad thai for dinner with lots of veggies, brown rice noodles, and tofu.  Normally we don’t have tofu twice in a day but that’s just what happened to be this day.  Will post the sauce recipe Friday.

vegan pad Thai dinner

8 pm: he snacked on a raw brownie I had made with dates, cocoa powder, walnuts and almond butter while we were watching Murder She Wrote (lol).  Didn’t get a pic of this one, sorry.

That’s it!  In between he drank plenty of water, too, and did a quick at home kettle bell work out circuit + his daily push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats.  He also does brazilian jiu jitsu, just not on this particular day.

Here’s the Cronometer break down if you’re curious (disregard the “weight goal” and calories burned” etc I’m not sure what thats about.)  Hope this helps some of you who were asking about this subject.  Everyone seems to enjoy the what I eat posts so I’m going to keep them coming.

Lots of love,

xx Amanda




what i ate today: vegan, gluten free

california banan leaves

It’s been non-stop rain here in California for the last 3 days.  Finally today the rain stopped and the sun peeked through a bit.  But, my garden loved it and its pretty much the first rain of the season here- so we definitely needed it.  So, here’s a what I eat in a day post for rainy weather.

I eat vegan, mostly gluten free, and try to focus on getting lots of greens in.  Upping my greens intake helps so much to manage my rheumatoid arthritis (currently writing a blog post about how I put myself into remission with diet) and boost my overall energy levels.  I also eat seasonally, meaning the majority of my food is sourced locally from my farmers market.  I focus more on getting the freshest, seasonal local food than ensuring everything is organic.  I do end up buying organic for most of my food, but to me buying organic certified lettuce from Mexico is not as good as buying non organic lettuce from the farmers market that was just picked this morning and grown close to me.  Eating this way also happens to be more sustainable.

I don’t count calories or restrict anything I eat.  I eat as much as I desire (which is often a lot).  Eating this way is so freeing.  I do yoga a few times a week or all 7 days if I’m feeling it.  I go in waves with dedication to working out- but spend no more than 30 minutes a day usually.  But I always walk, bike, and make sure to get a few days at least of yoga in.  Meaning; I don’t have to exert much effort at all to maintain a healthy body weight and physical strength.  Not sharing this to be like “look how great I am” but just because I love how free and light eating like this has made me and I wish everyone to experience it.  I do yoga with Ali Kamenova and I HIGHLY reccomend her YouTube classes and/or the membership on her blog.


Check out the “what I eat” tab in the menu for more of these style posts.  Next up I will do one for what my vegan husband eats in a day too.  Now, lets get into the day:

7:00 am: I always start y day the same way pretty much: wake up and oil pull, brush my teeth, and make the bed.  Next I go out to the kitchen and make myself a cup of warm water with citrus, which boosts liver function and hydrates you after a long sleep.  With my lime water I had a big spoon of blackstrap molasses.  Blackstrap molasses is a great source of plant based iron and calcium.  I got anemia pretty bad with my first pregnancy and this + nettle tea got me out of it.  Citrus boosts the absorption of iron, so this is why I take them together.  Lemon water, or orange wedges are also great.  I also took my B12 and D supplement.

plant Based iron blackstrap molasses lime water

9:45 am:  Started to feel hungry, so I made porridge (this recipe) with frozen cranberries thrown in, apple, golden raisins, and a little maple syrup.  Since theres so many seeds, this has tons of omegas, minerals and vitamins.  Also some bulk pu erh tea on the side (I re steep the same tea about 4 times throughout the day).

chia hemp cranberry porridge apple vegan omega

1:15 pm:  Lunch!  I sautéed one whole bunch of kale (hot, dry pan to char a bit, then drizzle in a tiny bit of olive oil and a splash of water.  Cover and let steam a few minutes.  Uncover, and cook until liquid is gone and kale is softened.  Add in a few splashes of liquid aminos and crushed garlic.  Cook, tossing, for 1-2 more minutes).  While this was going, I heated up some leftover winter minestrone (white beans, fennel, leek, onion, canned tomatoes, fennel seeds, cabbage, potatoes).  Added the minestrone to a bowl, heaped the kale on top, and added half an avocado.  This was such a cozy lunch for a rainy day, and super filling.

Minestrone sautéed kale Tuscan tamari

3:30 pm:  Vin and i had made some rawnola earlier (equal parts medal dates, raw rolled oats, and coconut shreds) with almond extract and gingerbread spices.  I had a couple of these rolled into balls as a snack.  Also, a carrot because I was craving some crunch.  Don’t laugh.  I literally crave carrots and celery instead of chips now since we stopped buying chips and crackers a long time ago due to packaging.  Plus carrots, in season and fresh from the market, are seriously irresistible this time of year.  I made some bulk mint tea too.

rawnola almond extract oats dates coconut ginger

4:45:  I was making dinner and felt like something fresh, so I made a green smoothie.  (1.5 cups of almond milk, tablespoon almond butter, big chunk fresh ginger, lots of spinach and a few kale leaves, 2 frozen bananas, and lots of cinnamon).  This pic is from the next morning when I made the same smoothie again as the lighting was better, haha.

kale spinach banana almond ginger green smoothie

6:15 pm:  Sat down to dinner, which was roasted butternut risotto (find the recipe in this post, scroll down to friday) + simple sautéed spinach (saute shallot first, then add in sliced garlic, the spinach, salt, cover to wilt, uncover, toss until spinach is wilted completely, then sprinkle over toasted sesame seeds).

vegan butternut risotto

I managed to get in plenty of greens and a variety of veggies throughout the day.  Usually I might have popcorn or chocolate or dates after dinner but today I still felt really full.  If you’re worried about not getting enough nutrients on a plant based diet, you shouldn’t.  We take a B12 supplement from our local co-op all year round, and vitamin D in the winter (not just for vegans, SO important for anyone who doesn’t get sun in winter).  Just by eating a variety of whole, plant based foods everyday and ensuring I eat flax, chia, and hemp + greens, I get all the nutrients I need in a sustainable, kind way.  Hope this helps and please feel free to ask any questions below.

All my love,

xx Amanda

what my vegan 9 year old ate today

Vegan kids

Hello!  When I posted what my vegan 5 year old eats in a day about Vin, you guys really enjoyed it and asked for more posts like this.  I love helping you out with easy ideas for healthy vegan meals and honestly I love reading these types of posts from others too!  It’s so fun to sneak a peek at other peoples meals, fridges, skincare products, routines, etc right?  Or is it just me?

Anyways, here’s what Carmela ate today.  I plugged in all her food to Cronometer and she’s getting above and beyond all the essentials that people worry about on a vegan diet like calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, lysine, and omega 3s.  I just focus on whole plant foods + making sure to get the all important flax, chia, hemp, walnuts, and sesame seeds into her diet every day.  I supplement with vitamin D and B12 +  the rest naturally falls into place thanks to plants.

9:00 am:  It’s still winter break for us and the kids and I have been sleeping in and enjoying the luxury of lazy mornings.  We woke up, brushed teeth, made beds, and read a little bit before we even got started on breakfast.  Just like I do, Carmela has a glass of water right after she brushes her teeth + before anything else.  Then I gave her a dose of vitamin D and B12 spray (the only 2 supplements we use).

10:00 am:  Then the kids went out and picked tangerines from our tree to juice.  Carmela cut them in half while Vin juiced them.  We also made porridge (our usual recipe + a teaspoon of almond extract) with blackberries and cranberries.  She had a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses too (plant based iron + calcium).

vegan kid porridge berries tangerine juice omega chiaProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

11:30 pm:  before we biked over to my Grandma’s house, she had a snack of a large banana, a handful of roasted peanuts, and a couple big gooey medjool dates.

healthy vegan kids banana snack

12:30:  We got back and everybody was hungry for lunch.  I heated up some leftover pinto bean and kale stew and brown rice, then topped with avocado.  Leftovers are just the best.

kale Pinto bean stew brown rice avocado vegan kid

2:00 pm:  the kids had been playing outside with their friends (thankful to have a lot of other kids who live on our block) and when they came in, had a snack of some green olives (we buy these from the olive bar in our own jar).

olives vegan kids zero waste

4 pm:  playing monopoly and having some leftover latkes with homemade applesauce.

latke vegan gluten free oil free

6:00 pm:  for dinner we had this arame, cabbage, and tahini slaw wrapped inside homemade flour tortillas with avocado.  Tahini and cabbage are great sources of plant based calcium.  Seaweed is high in iodine, iron, and calcium too.  She had 2 large wraps!

cabbage seaweed vegan four tortilla zero waste avocado

7:45 pm:  she told me she had a “sweet tooth” so I made her a snack of sliced granny smith apple with almond butter, coconut flakes, and cacao nibs.  I forgot to get a pic here, sorry.

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope this is useful for you guys- please let me know if you’d also like to see a what I eat in a day style post for me or Joel (my husband).  All my love!

xx Amanda

what my vegan 5 year old eats in a day

I thought it would be fun to take you guys through a day of eating for Vin- my 5 year old babe.  I get a lot of questions about vegan diets for kids, what I feed them, supplements, and package free kids snacks so I hope this post helps out.  A lot of parents in my real life seem concerned when I mention that my kids eat vegan, a flicker of confusion and worry fleeting across their face- and I don’t blame them!  I used to be that person.  There’s A LOT of misinformation out there and malnutrition horror stories.  The way we do it is focusing on WHOLE, PLANT foods that are dense in nutrients and making sure to get plenty of healthy fats and omegas in diet, plus a few well chosen supplements.

Not meaning to come off bragg-y, but honestly my kids hardly ever get sick, even when others at school are often chronically so.  When my daughter was small and she ate dairy, she would get chronically sick for weeks and end up with ear infections, etc.  I’ve noticed that as we transitioned to zero waste and cut out packaged snacks, drinks, juices, faux “meat”  and “cheese”, and otherwise non-whole foods, they got sick even less.  Both my kids are super healthy and happy, in both my opinion and their pediatricians’.

That being said, here’s what Vin’s day of eating looked like:

7:30 am: wake up, cuddle, get up + get dressed, head out to the kitchen and I make him a warm glass of lemon water just like I have every morning.  He drinks it and then I give him the only 2 supplements any of us take: vitamin B-12 + vitamin D sublingual sprays.  Currently we use the Garden of Life brand because they came in a paper box and I thought they were glass bottles, but they’re plastic actually 😦 and Garden of Life was just bought by Nestle.  ugh….if anyone has recommendations for these two let me know.

B12 is essential and it’s not just a vegan issue…many omnivores are also deficient in this vitamin that gets made in your gut by bacteria.  So I supplement just in case.  Vitamin D I only give in the winter…your body makes it on your skin from the sun, so in summer we have plenty.  Even though we live in a sunny climate, we don’t expose enough skin to the sun to get adequate production in winter and it’s super important for hormonal and bone health.

vitamin b 12 sub lingual

7:45 am: breakfast porridge (here’s the recipe) which is chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients including omega 3s ESSENTIAL for brain health, especially for kids.  Today I made it with half quinoa and half oats, plus shredded apples, walnuts, ginger, cinnamon, and blackstrap molasses.

quinoa porridge breakfast walnut omega 3 kid

10 am:  he asked for a snack, so while we were playing UNO he had this Granny Smith apple with cashew butter- mixed with cinnamon, a dash of maple syrup + cacao nibs for a little crunch.

Cashew butter apple vegan kid snack


12:15 pm:  lunchtime!  He had a veggie sandwich with hummus, avocado, vegan mayo, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, roasted bell pepper, red leaf lettuce, red wine vinegar, s+p on fresh ciabatta.  A side of stevia sweetened dark chocolate and a tangerine from our tree for dessert.

plant based family kid sandwichProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

2:30 pm:  he woke up from his nap and told me he wanted something crunchy while he was coloring to take to the park so we did carrots, walnuts, almonds, apple + a glass of homemade chocolate hemp seed milk.

Vegan kid snack walnut apple carrot omega 3

healthy kid snack

4 pm:  he had 3 or 4 small tangerines from our tree while he was in the backyard.

5 pm:  dinner!  This simple red lentil coconut soup with brown basmati rice + a side of sautéed spinach with lemon, garlic, and toasted sesame seeds.

Red lentil curry coconut soup ottolenghi vegan kidsProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


I’m writing this up right before dinner, but I’m sure after dinner he will have has favorite dessert at the moment: one or two medal dates stuffed with tahini and coconut flakes.  So good, a healthy sweet treat, and dates/tahini are full of minerals and fiber.

That’s it!  My kids essentially eat the same thing as us and it’s so much easier on everyone this way. Everyone eats healthy and everyone loves it.  Hope you guys enjoyed this little peek!

xx Amanda


what I eat in a day

When they find out I’m vegan, people usually ask “What do you eat?” followed by, “How do you get enough protein?” which is annoying, but I get it.  I had similar questions when I was first dipping my toe into this lifestyle.  Our society (funded by dairy/meat producers) has created an illusion that meat and dairy are essential to being healthy, which makes it hard for people to wrap their heads around vegan meals.  My grandma still thinks you have to eat rice and beans at the same time to create complete proteins, that weird myth from the 70s when vegetarianism suddenly became in vogue, riding on the coattails of the hippie movement.  Literally no one who eats enough calories has had health problems from protein deficiency (I’m probably paraphrasing slightly here but whatever).  I also want to point out that this is the style of eating that makes ME thrive.  It’s very intuitive, I eat what I crave that day.  Different people feel better with varying ratios of fat, protein, carbs, raw vs cooked, etc. but I think everyone can thrive on a vegan diet.  Enough hot air, though.  Let’s get down to the good stuff.

7:30 am: finally get out of bed after an undisclosed number of unsuccessful attempts to brush off my alarm clock/the intense desire to remain in a warm bed (sigh…winter).  I drink a liter of water while I make school lunch for my daughter/make the kids breakfast (oat and chia porridge with blueberries, cinnamon, walnuts, flax, and coconut sugar).  I make a matcha latte with stevia and soymilk + pop a vitamin B12.  I almost never eat breakfast unless I have to leave the house early and will have no options to eat later.  I’ve always been like this- I hate to eat in the morning, it makes me feel sluggish and nauseated.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Noon: feeling pretty hungry: make a GIANT smoothie.  2 cups of OJ, peel 2 oranges and put them in the blender whole, top with ALOT of frozen mango (4 or 5 cups? i hate measuring because I’m supremely lazy), spoonful of homemade vanilla extract, some coconut water powder i had kicking around.  Add a glass of water and some vanilla stevia>>> blend.  I scooped some passionfruit on top because passionfruit.  Basically a tropical dreamsicle.  This made approximately 64 oz (2 large mason jars) and I drank. it. allllll.  Then my son came inside from playing, saw me with the smoothie, and cried because he wanted it.  OK, kid.  So I made another smaller version for him.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

2:00 pm: another liter of water and some herbal tea (Celestial’s Tension Tamer, if you’re interested)

3:30 pm: home from picking up my daughter and piano lessons, and getting hangry.  I grab some medjool dates and snack on them while I prepare dinner.  I got them from the farmer’s market, they are grown in Coachella and they are to DIE FOR.  Jumbo size (the length of a thumb and twice as fat), SOFT, tender, meltingly sweet with caramel and fudge notes.  They taste like spectacular German Chocolate Cake.  I eat 6 and drink some more water with them.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

5:30ish: sit down to dinner: Mac n Chz with peas and broccoli + our “house” salad- mixed greens, kidney beans, green onions, celery, dried cranberries, tomato, cucumber, ground flax, and a balsamic/maple/dijon dressing (google 3-2-1 dressing for exact measurements).  The “chz” sauce is a new favorite from the Forks over Knives cookbook: its potatoes, carrots, nooch, almond milk, and seasonings blended up.  Weird, right?  But SO good, the blended potatoes create a gluey, cheesy texture and the taste is fantastic.  The pasta I used are quinoa and rice elbows from Costco (gluten free).

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

7:00 pm: eat a black bean brownie I made earlier.  They are SO good, fudgey, rich, perfection.  I added some chocolate chips into the batter of  this recipe and added hazelnuts on top.  Vegan, gluten free, low fat, high fiber, high iron, omega 3s…..and they taste out of this world.  Great for kids, lunchboxes, afternoon pick me ups, etc.  Their fiber and protein means they won’t give you a crash after eating them, either.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

8:00 pm: I drink some hot tea (Traditional Medicinal’s Chamomile Lavender) to wind down.

There are also outdated ideas perpetuated by the media that vegans don’t get enough vitamins/minerals like iron, calcium, etc *eye roll* so I logged everything I ate today in Cronometer just to show the nutritional breakdown of my day if you’re interested in the science-y side of things.  Everything is spot on, selenium could be higher but I eat brazil nuts every once in a while to spike that up.  IDK why the B12 is so high?  I think I may have put in the wrong amount or something.


Hope this was helpful in any way.  LOVE U ALL XOXO