zero waste inspiration- in the midwest with Jen

Hello everyone, welcome back!  Today we are adding to our zero waste inspiration series today (check out all the other interviews HERE), talking to Jen Rivera Bell.  She is a beautiful and conscious vegan mama to one year old Luna.  Jen is passionate about both human and animal liberation, intersectional activism, empowering through decolonization, and minimalism.… Continue reading zero waste inspiration- in the midwest with Jen

zero waste mailbox

Junk mail is absolutely the worst- I think everyone will agree- it's a waste of time, resources, and energy.  All that embedded environmental and financial cost of advertising, water used in paper processing, printing, pollution emitted in transporting, only for it to reach its destination and be trashed or recycled, many times without even being… Continue reading zero waste mailbox

“zero” waste bathroom

shower: bulk shampoo + conditioner, bar soap, foraged eucalyptus for soothing steam Continuing with our "zero" waste home series, lets tackle the bathroom.  After the kitchen, the second trashiest place in the house for us was definitely the bathroom.  Giant plastic wrapped packages of toilet paper, huge plastic packs of q tips, plastic containers of… Continue reading “zero” waste bathroom

zero waste kitchen

Our biggest source of trash used to be kitchen waste- food scraps, plastic food packaging, ziplock baggies, saran wrap, straws, aluminum foil, paper towels, sponges, and cleaning products.  Over time, what used to be the trashiest place in our house has turned into an efficient, simplified, easy to cook and clean area.  I can breathe… Continue reading zero waste kitchen