zero waste:

videos: this Ted Talk was literally life-changing for me: Bea Johnson.

blogs:  Paris To Go : Ariana’s blog is a fantastic, no bullshit, simple resource for everything zero waste: wardrobe, cleaning, makeup, laundry, food etc.  Stevie’s Trading Waste for Abundance is a great resource for sustainable swaps and plant based recipes.  Zero Wasted has awesome DIY beauty and secondhand shopping.

plastic free goods:  looking to replace some of your old, worn out plastic stuff?  I highly recommend  Life Without Plastic for a one-stop resource for gorgeous, sustainable goods.  I adore Simple Ecology, Eco Bags, and Ambatalia too for reusable bags.

makeup/skincare: simple low waste makeup + skincare.

books:  Beth Terry’s Plastic Free and Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home

films: A Plastic Ocean, The True Cost, No Impact Man, Clean Bin Project.  Many can be found on Netflix or check at your local library!

plant based/vegan diet:

What the Health: a fantastic, eye-opening documentary.  Also, Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, and Gary Yourofsky’s The Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear (long but available in lots of languages and good although I don’t always agree with his tactics).

Nutrition Facts YouTube: run by a doctor, this channel has so many great videos about health and the SCIENCE behind a whole food, plant based diet with clinical evidence to back it up.

Ellen Fisher’s YouTube: A VEGAN family of five, doing their thing, sharing recipes and inspiration.  Her kids have been vegan since conception and are super healthy and vibrant.

Vegan for Everybody cookbook: a great, simple cookbook resource to have and use.

Nine Girl YouTube channel: lots of easy and fresh kid-friendly vegan recipes.

Minimalist Baker and Hot for Food: so many classic recipes made vegan.

Lighter: tons of easy vegan recipes and you can create menus + make grocery lists.

Amy Chaplin’s blog: gorgeous, vibrant recipes.  I adore her cookbook.


gentle parenting:

I highly recommend two books: Rebecca Eanes’ Positive Parenting ; and Dr. Shefali Tsabury’s The Conscious Parent.  Ellen Fisher’s video series on this is great too, check out:  Part I: 4 tips for creating a peaceful family dynamic // Part II: Discipline and Tantrums  //  Part III: Sibling Conflict + Parent Disagreements.  Dr Laura Markham’s website is a fantastic tool too, with practical, situational advice for every age.

For natural birth, check out Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth (written by a iconic midwife who has attended more than 1200 births).  Also The Business of Being Born documentary is a MUST for every pregnant person/family to learn more about birth and made a conscious decision on the subject.  If you desire to have a home birth but can’t afford it, many midwifes are willing to work with your budget or set up a payment plan…search around to find out.

Breastfeeding help: check out La Leche League for support and help in your own area.  This book: The Nursing Mother’s Companion, is also a fantastic resource to have on hand.


positive living and manifestation:

The Law of Attraction: this book is extremely unusual and a little woo woo/existential/UFO ish, but the message is life changing: YOU control how your life goes.  If you think negative thoughts and dwell on unhappiness, stress, and things you don’t want, then you attract more of that back to you.  When you think positively and make decisions based on what makes you feel GOOD, more of that is attracted back to you.  It’s a good listen on headphones while cleaning.


I love Ali Kamenova’s yoga, HIIT, and kettle bell workout videos- I’ve been utilizing them for 5 + years, she’s an amazing strong vegan mama.  Here’s a link to her website and youtube.