package free: coconut yogurt

Coconut yogurt was something that took me FOREVER to master.  I was using Minimalist Baker's recipe to start out with (which is JUST coconut milk and probiotics), but I could never get it right.  It would always end up too thin, and the flavor of the canned coconut milk tasted kind of "tinny" to me… Continue reading package free: coconut yogurt

simple coconut or sesame sautéed lacinato kale

I've been loving this super simple way to prepare kale that makes it really tasty.  I love kale all the ways- in slaw, salad, steamed, wilted into soup, pesto, smoothies- but lately I've really been enjoying the extra pop of flavor in this method.  We grow lacinato (also called tuscan, or dino) kale in our… Continue reading simple coconut or sesame sautéed lacinato kale

raw kelp noodle pad thai

I've been wanting to try kelp noodles for a while now, but it was something that I held back on for fear it might taste funky.  It is made out of kelp, you know. I'm happy to report that kelp noodles are completely neutral in taste.  They are slightly crunchy in texture, but not weird… Continue reading raw kelp noodle pad thai