october market haul + what I’m cooking

Can you believe its already October?  I can't.  Leaves are falling here, nights are cool, socks are back, soups and warm drinks.  The days have been beautiful here, warm but with the most pleasant cooling breeze.  This morning we went to the farmers market and bought some fall goodies- apples, squashes, potatoes.  Here's what I… Continue reading october market haul + what I’m cooking

at the market: winter squash + 5 ways to use it

Winter squash is abundant this time of year- so many colors, textures and flavors to choose from.  I always buy a bunch and keep them on the table as a sort of "fruit bowl" type centerpiece because they are so pretty.  My favorites are kabocha, red kuri, delicata, and butternut.  These all have dense, sweet… Continue reading at the market: winter squash + 5 ways to use it

another week of fall meals

Here's what we are cooking and eating this week- vegan, gluten free, seasonal, local, and waste free. MONDAY: chickpeas with olives, chard, and lemon + herby pistachio quinoa.  this recipe (subbing chickpeas for the fish) + this recipe . TUESDAY: butternut- shiitake ragout (recipe here) + this recipe (sub millet for GF) + a simple green salad. WEDNESDAY: Yogurt tofu… Continue reading another week of fall meals

at the market now: beets + 5 ways to use them

I just adore beets.  Those gorgeous colors, that deep earthy sweetness, and the fact that they come with a free bunch of greens attached!!!!  YES please.  In all honesty, I really used to be disgusted by them, though.  I thought they tasted like dirt.  Thankfully my taste buds aren't petulant babies anymore.  Beets are abundant… Continue reading at the market now: beets + 5 ways to use them

quality food on the cheap: part II

So last time I laid out some guidelines for buying food on a budget.  Now its time to break down in detail the method I shared in the last post.  This example is for the week of 12/2 - 12/8 (Mon-Sun) First, I pull up the ads for this week on my computer.  I check… Continue reading quality food on the cheap: part II