red lentil coconut + ginger curry

This one pot curry is one of my staple winter and fall meals- it's not my recipe, it's Yotam Ottolenghi's (and may I say he's hands down in my top 3 favorite chefs of all time- the things he does with flavors are UNREAL).  You can find the recipe HERE on Bon Appetit's website.  It's… Continue reading red lentil coconut + ginger curry

cultured almond ricotta

Yesterday I made this almond ricotta thanks to inspiration from my friend Frances @blissfullynurtured, and it turned out so delicious I thought I'd write it down here in the blog for easy referencing. I've made ricotta many times before with cashews, and I'd assume if you are allergic to nuts you could try making it… Continue reading cultured almond ricotta

package free: fermented hot sauce

This year I'm trying to reduce my recycling and rely less often on store bought products in the interest of sustainability- and also just because its fun for me.  I already buy very little pre made foods- see package free: veggie broth , everything bagel spice, package free: hummus, pickled onions + beets and sauerkraut. but certain things I… Continue reading package free: fermented hot sauce