simple low waste fridge

The fridge, and food storage without plastic, was the most daunting aspect of zero waste for me.  I had this hangup that my food couldn't be fresh without plastic, especially greens.  Even after I was making my own toothpaste, buying bulk in my own jars, and eschewing plastic produce bags, those big plastic clamshells of… Continue reading simple low waste fridge

talking trash: 3 months

All right, trash voyeurs!  Here's a peek at all the trash our family of four made this month.  In my first post in this series, I share more about the HOW behind the jar- shopping and lifestyle habits we adopted to reduce our trash drastically.  I checked in for month two to show you what… Continue reading talking trash: 3 months

low waste christmas

Curious about our low waste Christmas?  Here’s a little recap of how we tried to keep waste, consumerism, and junk to a minimum this Christmas while still keeping it cozy and fun, plus all the goodies we gave + received.  My philosophy is to keep gifts simple, minimal, useful.  (You can see my gift guide… Continue reading low waste christmas

zero waste: on the go kit

Let's be honest, being on the go is the trashiest situation you can have as someone trying to reduce waste.  You're away from home and put in a compromised situation.  Especially when you're hungry, it can be really easy to make a bunch of trash like plastic cutlery, to go boxes, plastic cups and straws,… Continue reading zero waste: on the go kit

why+how i buy secondhand clothing

Last year, I watched The True Cost on Netflix and cried through it watching the horrific ways that fashion impacts the environment and exploits people and animals.  For some reason, I had just never made the connection before between my shopping habits and their detrimental impacts.  My closet was already pretty minimal through embracing a capsule wardrobe,… Continue reading why+how i buy secondhand clothing