A few weeks ago someone sent me this message:  "Lately I’ve been feeling very recluse and borderline depressed on a day to day basis, exhausted and unmotivated. Social media is especially draining. It would be great if you felt like dwelling more into the ups and downs and sharing things that help you feel grounded… Continue reading re-center

yay for earth II: recipes, links, and “schedule”

Hello friends!  Heres the recipe list, "schedule" for the meal orders, and applicable links.  To access the grocery list and more challenge information, click HERE.  These recipes are in collaboration with my beautiful friend Stevie- access her blog HERE.  Feel free to switch up the schedule for yourself to make it work best for you.… Continue reading yay for earth II: recipes, links, and “schedule”

red lentil coconut + ginger curry

This one pot curry is one of my staple winter and fall meals- it's not my recipe, it's Yotam Ottolenghi's (and may I say he's hands down in my top 3 favorite chefs of all time- the things he does with flavors are UNREAL).  You can find the recipe HERE on Bon Appetit's website.  It's… Continue reading red lentil coconut + ginger curry